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Making your own buttons

I received a button maker when I subscribed to a magazine but I thought the replacement buttons  were expensive to buy so I worked out a less expensive way to do it. Its a good way to use up those scraps of paper as well.

Buttons and punched paper
1. Buy clear backing buttons. These buttons are flat on both side. It will work with any clear buttons that have a flat back.  Measure the diameter (width) of the buttons, mine are 3/4 inch. Use a circle punch with the same diameter and punch out circles from your paper.

2. Cover one side of the button with glue that will dry clear. I used  a double sided tape dispenser.  You could glue the paper and place the button on top if you wanted to.

3. Place the paper circle onto the glued button.
** Make sure the pattern you want is facing the button.

Leave to dry and use a paper piercer to make the holes         

Voila!!  you have made buttons that perfectly match your designs.

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