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Making Texure rollers

What You Need
A roller that is normally used to smooth the edges when wall papering.
Strong glue
Textured material such as netting or sequined waste.

What to do.

1. Cut the material into a strip roughly the width of the roller.

2. Apply a thick layer of glue all over the roller.

3. Quickly wrap the material around the roller. Press the material firmly into the glue.

4. Leave to dry.

5. Cut around the excess material around the edge of the roller. 

6. Apply a thin coat of glue over the material and again leave to dry thoroughly.

7. Your roller is now ready to use!!

Simply roll the tool over an ink pad or paint spread onto a flat surface. Now run it over your paper or design.

 You can clean it gently under some luke warm water. If the material comes loose simply reapply glue and adhere another piece of material. I have used the one roller several times using paint and the material has not come away.

Below is some pictures of rollers with different materials glued to them and the textured results.