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Making letters

My crafter friend Nikki showed me how to make the following letters using glossy accents and jump rings so I thought I'd pass the technique on to my followers as I loved them.

You will need:-
1.  Printer paper
2. Jump rings or similar product
3. Glossy Accent by Ranger

a. Choose a font to your liking and print out the letters for your project. The size of the font will be your choice depending on what size jump rings you use.  You could hand write the letters as well. Space the letters to allow room for the jump rings to fit over the letters as shown below.
b.  Allow the ink to dry thoroughly.

c.  Place the rings over each letter and fill the circle with glossy accent. Try to avoid forming bubbles in the circles. Allow to dry thoroughly. Mine haven't fully dried yet so are slightly opaque.

d. Once dry cut the circles out
e.  Your letters are finished. The beauty of this is you can choose any colour paper to print and you can use the font you want.

 I didn't allow the ink to dry properly so the glossy accents made the ink run slightly. The picture below shows an earlier attempt for a different project. The letters are crisp and the accents are clear.


  1. Very nice, i may have a go at this myself sometime

    L :-)

  2. They are great, You can make them as embellishments by using small patterns or pictures instead of letters too.

  3. Love this technique and I'll definitely be trying it out. Thanks.


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