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Embossing tools

Layers of card
Make your own embossing mat.
Embossing mat
Cut or stamp  shapes from card.  I used an empty cereal packet,Tim Holtz tatty flowers and an ordinary hole punch for this one. Cut enough  to create two or three layers of each shape. Place them on your card to make a design. When you are happy adhere them to the base card.
Embossed card using home ma
 Make sure you layer so each layer sits as perfectly above the last one as you can.  I used PVA glue to stick. Leave them to dry thoroughly. Once dry run them through your embossing machine. I used my bigshot with a silicone embossing mat.

This is another design I made. This is the Sissix die (Flourish Floral 2) and a butterfly punch.

Make your own embossing buddy
There are two types of embossing buddies, one has powder inside while the other is made from tumble dryer tissues. Use them to rub over you card prior to stamping and using embossing powder or  when adding glitter. It reduces Static and stops the embossing powder from stick where it isn't wanted.
This tutorial describes both:

Powder Embossing Buddy

 1. You need a large table spoon full of unperfumed  talcum powder, or cornflour a knee high sock and an elastic band.

2. Open the sock and pour in the  powder. Twist the sock and turn it inside out to trap the powder.

3.Twist and turn several times until you get to the top of the sock. There should be several layers of sock surrounding the powder.

4. Secure the top with an elastic band and the buddy is complete.

Tumble Dryer Tissue Embossing Buddy:

1. Collect several used tumble dryer tissues and layer them one on top of the other. Make sure they have been used several times.

2. Fold to form a pad of tissue. Use another sheet to cover and secure with an elastic band.

These are the two completed embossing buddies. The left is the powder version and the right uses the dryer tissues.


  1. Fabulous ideas..Embossing mats are really fascinating.

  2. Cool. Didn't know you could make your own. Trying to find people who have die cutting machines to enter a giveaway on my blog for a cutting die. Not many entries and it ends Friday. :)

  3. Hello Sheridan,

    I love this post and tutorials ! Thank you for all sharing
    Cordialy from France


  4. Make your own embossing buddy WOW thank you great tip. have been buying those and throwing way used dryer sheets. opps was going the wrong way.thank you


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