"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

Home made stamps

What you need.

1. Flip flop with patterned sole.
2. Scissors or craft knife
3.Marker pen.

How to make your stamp.
1. Remove the straps from the flip flop then mark your stamp shape onto the sole.

2. Using a sharp craft knife or scissors and cut around the shape. Neaten the edge so it has a smooth edges to your stamp. I used the hole where  the strap had fixed to the sole to create a hole in the centre of my "flower".

3. Once cut the stamp is ready to use.Simply ink your stamp and stamp.
The sole is thick enough to be able to use the stamp without a block. However a block can be used to give a more even pressure.

I cut another piece from the left over flip flop and made a square stamp that gives a useful background pattern.
Look for different soles to vary the patterns.

Another use for left over pieces of flip flop.
I had the heel section left from my flip flop so used it,  with sole side down,  as a piercing mat. It was ideal for removing the centre pieces from a shape I was making.I tied some string through the holes left by the strap to hang it from my notice board for easy access.