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home made stamp cleaner

This is a quick and easy way to make your own stamp cleaner scrub at much less cost than a manufactured one.

You will need:
1. plastic thin box ( I used a Huggies wet wipes  travel box). I tried a video cassette box but it was too deep.
2. two paints pad  with the velvet type top to them, with foam underneath ( Not sponge pads)

3. Some double sided tape or glue. I used double sided tape.

What you do.
1. Remove the hard backing of the paint pad, some come with  hard back to which you fix the handle. Keep the foam backing attached to the furry top.

2. Spread  your glue or tape to both sides of the  bottom of the plastic box. Press  firmly each pad onto either side of the box. I had some pads that were smaller than the box but you can get longer ones.

 I had to remove my pad to show you what I'd done. However it was very easy to put the pad back in place which will allow you to wash or replace the pads when they get too dirty to use.

Your stamp cleaner is now ready to use!
Because my pads were smaller than the box I put two labels  to show which was for the cleaning (wet ) side and which to dry my stamps (Dry).

As you can see I have already been using my cleaner pad and I have to say it works brilliantly!
I used Ranger's Inkssentials water based stamp cleaner spray to spray onto the wet side.

Because the pads are a light colour its easy to see when they need to be washed or replaced.  I haven't tried washing the pads because I only made the cleaner yesterday but because I've ben usibg water based inks on this pad it should be easy to wash the pads by hand to get them clean again.

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