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Home made shimmer mist.

Thre are several ways to make shimmer mist but I've found this is an inexpensive and easy way of making shimmer mist.
You will need:
1. METALLIC acrylic paint of your choice of colour  (Most of mine are Anita's metallic paint).
2. A spray bottle
3. Water
4. Mica powder (optional)
5. PVA glue (optional)

 1. Half fill the spray bottle with water, squirt a generous amount of metallic pint into the bottle.
 2. Shake well to mix the contents. You can use the spray at this point.
                                                       The next stages are optional.
 3. Take a small amount of mica powder ( tip of a tea spoon handle full) Pour into the bottle.

4. Add some PVA glue and close the lid and shake well to mix the content. The shimmer mist is ready to use.
The picture on the left shows the newly made red shimmer mist that has mica and PVA added and amethyst with just metallic paint and water.  The amethyst colour that has not been used recently.  When the shimmer mist hasn't been used for a while the colour will settle on the bottom of the bottle. Just hold the bottle by the neck and shake in a circular motion to remix.
 On the right you can see the amethyst in the middle having been shaken to spray onto card. The colours from left to right are red, rose, amethyst, emerald, sapphire blue and last is silver.
The depth of colour will depend on how much paint you add.

 I hope the picture shows you how it glimmers. Its difficult to show on camera.

Try both ways ... with and without glue and mica and see which one you get best results from. I'd be interested to know which you prefer.
I have been told about using alcohol inks for misters. Here is a word of warning:

NEVER ever mix alcohol ink with anything and use it in a mister - the spray can be hazardous to your eyes and lungs...

Stick with paint or glaze mixed with water... or perfect pearls and water... or even the distress re-inkers... but not alcohol inks.


  1. will try this have been doing hairspray instead of water and glue. plus instead of Mica powder got cheap eye shadows (from dollar store)or eye shadow no longer use.but going to try the METALLIC acrylic paint.get tips thank u craftsandmore75@gmail.com
    if you try this before i do let me know what the outcome is good luck

  2. Hey Sheridan..
    Sorry my bad English, im from Denmark, and i dont use English often :) PVA glue, is that ordinary white glue like that the children use ??
    Thank you for all those ideas, i will try some off them :) Kind regards from Eva.

  3. Hi Eva, Yes it is ordinary white glue that children use :-)


Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you taking the time.