"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

Home made charms and brads

To make your own charms you will need:

1. Moulding putty ( siligum, or 2 part alginate or similar)
 You will need equally  sized pieces of the white and coloured putty to activate the alginates setting properties.

2. Charms/ objects you wish to copy/ make.Choose from buttons, charms or embellishments that can be pressed into a mould.

3. Melted UTEE
Consider adding UTE flex to the mixture to make the mixture more flexible and durable once set. I used some coloured UTEE  To make it easier to see for this tutorial.

How to make your charms

1. Mix the two parts of the putty until an even colour.
Divide into the number of charms you want to make.

2.Work quickly because the putty sets rapidly.Shape the putty then press your charms /objects deeply into the putty to form a well formed shape. Leave approx 5 minutes for the putty to set (or whatever the putty instructions state).
3. Once your putty has set , remove the charms to reveal the moulded shape.
4. Fill the mould with the UTEE and leave to set.
5. Once set remove from the mould. Keep the mould to use again and again.
If you are not happy with your charm simply remelt it and start again.

6. Decorate your charm in which ever way you like.

I covered the first set of charms are embellishments from my stash. I coloured them with pink and bronze mica powder. The UTEE was coloured gold.

 The second set  was made with a deeper mould and clear UTEE. The charms are more defined. I decorated them with alcohol inks. The original charms are a rose from a charm bracelet and a button( pictured above the moulds).
The colour of the inks were cranberry, gold, silver and sky blue.

Make your own Brads
I like to find alternative ways of doing things. Brads can be very expensive and you can't always get the colours you want. Here is a way you can make your own. Buy some spit pins from a stationers, they cost less than brads:-

1. Heat the split pins with a heat gun. A few seconds is all that is needed but do use tweezers to hold the pin. It will get hot.

2. While the brad is hot dip it into your embossing folder, You can use coloured or clear powder.

 3. Melt the powder with the heat gun.

If you don't want to add glitter now is the time to stop and let the brad cool.

4. Dip the brad into the glitter and heat again to set the glitter into the melted embossing powder. You can melt another layer of embossing powder if you are using course glitter or you want to add more glitter.

The finished brads. 

These  brads were decorated by using only coloured embossing powder.

The top brad is made using blue embossing powder and pale blue glitter. The others have clear embossing powder so the colours come purely from the glitter.

  The green brad is different because seed beads were used instead of glitter. It worked just as well as the glitter.

These next brads were made by my daughter. She experimented with them by using pigment ink  first and then dipping in  embossing powder  and heating. They look great don't they?

I like the idea of being able to customise the brads to suit whatever project I'm doing.

I always thought my craft table was tidy but I've changed my mind now I've seen it in the pictures lol!!!