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6 Sep 2014

Silhouette Pixscan mat

I bought a Silhouete Cameo Pixscan mat and it arrived yesterday so of course I've had a little play with it.
I personally didn't find it as straight forward as the company make out. I had difficulty getting the lighting correct so the camera could  produced a good quality photo of the calibration page. Once that was done properly fair play the software identified my camera which was good.
I tried to cut out some things using the camera method and I was very disappointed. It took a few attempts for the machine to recognise the registration marks but I finally got there.   The cut was a little off on one cut but way off on another.
As you can see in my photo the heart inside the circle was cut  sligthly lower (1.5mm) than the actual shape.

The bird on the heart was 3mm off the design. The shape should have been all pink but as you can see its not!
I cut another heart and again it was about 1mm off line. This was a black hear with apink pattern in the centre but the edge on one side showed the white surrounding paper.

I figured that maybe the fault was in  the way I took a photo of the mat.

I thought it might be better to use my printer scanner instead. I followed the instructional video given by Graphtec but my scanner wasn't even detected by the software so that was a total failure.

I'll reserve judgement on this Pixscan until I've asked on a few forums and given it a few tries..........

How has anyone else got on with it???


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