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13 Jun 2014

Flowers (Hydrangea cutting file)

I've been having a play at making some 3D flowers. I made these lilies when I was a bit poorly and to be honest they dare not the best I am capable of. I think I just need to get my eye back in focus because my gluing was atrocious, especially with the lilies. For the pinky/purplish lilies I use Penny Duncan's Lily cutting file and followed her instructions... except that I used the old guitar strings from hubby's guitar!! He was throwing them out.... really he was!!
The ends of the strings had these little eyelets type things that looked great as the stamen for the flowers.
The orange lilies were one of Lia Griffith's Easter lily templates. They are free to download and print off Again I simply followed her directions on that page. I struggled a bit with the stems because the flower wire was too thin. It worked better using wooden skewers but they don't bend. Someone online suggested using straws and splitting one end to form 4 arms that you an adhered to the back of the flower to hold the flower and form the stem. Bendy straws meant you could bed a few to give further dimension to the flower. I haven't tried that yet.
Now I'm feeling better  I decided to make a hydrangea flower in a pot. Originally I was going to make a vase but my attempts were not very good and that's putting it mildly!
Instead I used a pottery flower pot I had in the cupboard and cut a polystyrene ball in half to fit in the pot.
I painted the ball green using some acrylic paint. I used my Cameo and Pazzles to create and cut out a mass of purple and pink four petal flowers and edged them with some distress inks. It was so funny I had both the Pazzles and Cameo working at the simultaneously using the Make the Cut Software. I was amazed how well the machines worked together. I used basic pink and purple cardstock from my stash. I used two colours to make the hydrangea look more realistic. I curled up the petals using a large ball embossing tools to give the flowers some dimension.

Next I put a white dot in the centre  of each flower using a Sharpies white pen. This is a new pen and wow! its the best I've found so far!
I then glued the flowers to the polystyrene ball with Tombow general glue.
I cut out the leaves again using my Cameo then embossed them to create the lines of the leaves.
There you have it a pot of hydrangea!

You can download the petal and leaves cutting files from HERE

I am please with the hydrangea  and the lilies look OK ..... from a distance, but they look good against my black fire front.  I might try to make the lilies again now I'm feeling better.


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