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7 Mar 2014

Home made stamp cleaner

 I'm a person who doesn't like to spend too much money on things I can make myself for a fraction of the cost. A lot of the tings you see being sold by the manufacturers are good but can be expensive. I have a few things I've made in the tutorial section of this blog. 

I've  been doing some more stamping recently and I got fed up of using up all my wet wipes etc cleaning the stamps. I found that a mini white board eraser I use in school was  very good to clean my stamps but it was only about an inch wide and two inches long so not that useful for the larger stamps.

A friend of mine bought a Stampin Up stamp scrub and I loved that idea but thought it a bit costly for what it was and I couldn't tell which was the cleaning and which was the drying side because they both looked the same.

Anyway I was clearing some of hubby's tools away when I found a brand new paint pad. You now the sort, they are a rectangular sponge pad with a velvety surface on top. Ah ha! I thought, that would be a good thing to clean my stamps and I could make my own stamp scrub.

I tried it out and yes it worked so I thought I need a case to put it in... hmmm what could I use? I tried a video case but the base sides were too tall.  I the thought of the baby wipe box I keep for my grandsons when I change their nappies ( diapers). I emptied the wipes and adhered the paint pads to the lid and base. The box was a Huggies wipes travel boxThere were just a few sheets of wipes left so it wasn't hard to nab the box!!
 It cost a few pounds for a second paint pad to glue to the lid.

I added two labels to tell which was the cleaning side and which was the drying.  Because they are only adhered to the box by double sided tape the pads are easy to remove for washing or replacing. I know you can get longer paint pads so I will get the longer ones when I need to replace these ones.

As you can see I've tried the cleaner out and guess what? It works brilliantly! I used Ranger's Inkssentials Stamp cleaner liquid but I see no reason why you can't use a weak solution of washing up liquid in a spray boottle.

You can see in more detail on how I made this tool in the tutorial section of this blog  which is on the right hand side of the page.

Sorry grandsons but Granny has to go and buy some more wipes now!!!


  1. This stamp scrubber is the older style that Close To My Heart used. Last year they switched to a really small (about an index card size!) stamp scrubber that has a brush inside it. Here is a link of what it looks like: http://cdn.closetomyheart.com/global/inventory/products/Z1782.JPG?maxwidth=400&maxheight=400 I really like this newer scrubber better because it's compact, and it seems as if I use less stamp cleaner spray on it. It also gets into the deep sections of the stamps to really clean them. The stamps are dry by the time I am done using the scrubber. Oh, on the bottom of the scrubber pad are 4 rubber 'feet' to keep it from slipping on the table. It works quite well, IMHO.

    I do advise rinsing out the painter's sponge once in awhile and letting it air dry so mold doesn't get into it. NOT fun!

  2. I hadn't seen the CTMH one before. I did buy a rasnger stamp cleaner pad but it is a bit rough on the more de3licate stamps. The brush one looks a bit harsh to me. Would a soft nail brush work just as well? . Good point about letting the pad dry too. I left mine open so it was dry by the time I closed it up. I do need to give my stamps a proper thoroughspring clean soon because some of them are looking a bit grimey!


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