"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

9 Mar 2014

Fun Flowers.

I found a Youtube tutorial by Jenniebellie on how to make recycled flowers and loved the look of them so had a go at making them. The techniques to construct the flowers are nothing new but I loved how she added pen markings etc to the petals to get a really funky look.
I haven't made any flowers for a while so decided to make some tonight. I only made three but love them!
 I decided to add them to my art journal. The journal is the first one I did and up to now its had just a plain black cover splattered with paint.

I covered the cover with white gesso and lightly brushed blue and pink acrylic paint down it..... ohh! I almost forgot to say I made a bloomer after I painted on the gesso. I stuck my finger on the cover to see if it was dry and no it wasn't !!! Yes ...... I smudged it. Sooo to cover up the mistake I dabbed my fingers all over the cover and it looked OK! phew!!!

Next I dabbed some paint through a clock stencil and left it to dry properly this time....... I adhered the flowers and added the title to the journal with some Sharpies pens.

It was interesting looking back through my first journal and saw how bad I was at it!  I compared it with my second journal and I think I can safely say that I have improved a bit! I've just started my third journal so it'll be interesting to see how I develop through this one......... Its all a learning experience.......and fun at the same time......



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