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5 Mar 2014

60th Birthday Layout.

 These are the layouts I did of my birthday celebrations. It was a quiet affair, just my family going out for a meal which was exactly what I wanted. I am trying my best to use up some of my stash so again the papers are from my stash They didn't have a name on them so I can't tell you what paper I used.  The first layout worked out well as far as colour matching was concerned. I cut out the lettering using my Cameo. Initially I just had the pinkish background with the fussy cut flowers. The problem arose when it came to adding my grandson's photos....

 Their photos were a lot brighter in colour than everyone else's because of the child seats the hotel used. They were bright red and lime green.. arghh!!  they don't match the other page so I couldn't do a double page layout. Instead I found a green background and a brighter pink swirl to fussy cut.

I changed the other layout to incorporate the green as well and reversed the background for the second one.

They sort of have links to each other but  are separate layouts at the same time.......
I thought I had put the photos on the pages quite straight but looking at the photos now I wasn't very successful was I? hahahaha!


  1. Very pretty pages, I understand about photos being crooked when you see the page online, that happens to me too. Do you think it's possible to use up one's stash of papers????? Good luck!

  2. I doubt I'll ever use up my stash Linda but I'm giving it a try.....the trouble is when you see a bargain.... you've just gotta have that pad of paper!!! LOL


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