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28 Feb 2014

A Stitch in Time.

 This project was inspired by Christy Tomlison tutorial on how to make a  lovely scene inside a Tim Holtz clock> sort of followed her tutorial using my own version and varied the embellishments and as you can see mine isn't a valentine theme.

 I just like the play of works using time inside a clock.
 I found some cloud patterned paper and used that and some green paper from my scrap box and adhered them to the back. I had some sewing theme stamps and stamped those on the background.
The green front was done in the same as the tutorial. I protected the glass front by cutting out a circle the same size as the glass and places it over the glass. I added a clear tape tag on the centre back of the paper circle to pull it off when I'd finished the  painting. It worked a treat and I didn't get any paint on the glass.

I cut out the dress form from chipboard, using my Pazzles. i  painted it with white gesso and adhered a flower from my stash. I folded some flowery paper into a skirt and added some measuring tape ribbon around the waist. I used a cocktail stick to stiffen the back of the pole of the dress form so it wouldn't bend  and flop about in the clock.I also cut the word time from chipboard and drew some fake stitching around the edge. I had some plastic sewing embellishments to add something in the front.I left the modelling paste to dry for several days before I put the back onto the clock.

 I have bought another clock and fancy doing  a time flies theme especially as I've just had a big birthday but will leave that for a while until I get a clear idea of what I want to do it.


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