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13 Jan 2014

Work in progress

I've been pretty busy crafting over the weekend. I had an urge to do something 3D but wasn't sure what. I came across this  Modular Organser  by Laura Dension which would be ideal for me to store my Stickles.
 I have. I usually store them in my tote bag but I bought a new bag and they no longer fit in the bag so this organiser looked just right. I went to Lauaras website and bought the pattern for the organiser and started making it.   The beauty of this organiser is you can chose what and where you put the shelves  and chose between different layouts.

The pattern says to use chipboard but to make a good firm base I chose to use Mount board instead. I'll use chipboard to make the inside sections.

I started by making the base and some of the shelves to fit inside the  base. I've made two sets of shelves, that are the same so that I can fit in all my Stickles and my mini glossy accents. I adehere both sets into the base.
Next I have to make the drawer section to go in the middle and cover thie section with paper.
I'm using mainly Tim Holtz Ideaology paper for this project with a few sheets of other papers that are similar. I want to use up the left over papers from other projects.
If you'd like to make something like this you can find the pattern at Following the Paper Trail.
More to follow!!

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