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14 Jan 2014

Organiser progression 1

I'm slowly making progress on my organiser. I've almost finished the base section.
 I've added the shelving and covered them with paper.

I've also made the drawer sectio in the middle plus the actual drawer. The front of the drawer isn't fixed to the draw yet because I need to get a drawer pull and fix that to the front first so I can hide the back pins.

Next I have to cover the outside with paper and affix the 'lid' that goes across the top of the shelves.
Then I have to decide which of the tower storage sections I want to make.

I had my first crafting accident tonight. I sliced my finger with a Stanley ( Exacto)  knife. Silly of me really because I noticed my finger was cose to the edge of the ruler and thought I'd better move it but of course the act of taking my eye of the blade made it slip and slice! Its only a small cut, but boy does it hurt!!
Lesso learned.... keep my eye on the blade!!


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  1. Ouch on slicing your finger. I found super glue works wonders in helping those types of cuts feel better.

    Your organizer is coming along nicely!


Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you taking the time.