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17 Jan 2014

Organiser progress 2

The organiser is coming along. I've finished the base part of the organiser.  I covered the whole thing with Tim Holtz ideology paper and scraps of other paper from my stash.
I began to think it looked very masculine but I edged it all with Walnut stain distress ink and decided I loved the vintage look of it.

Next I bought some Tim Holt draw pulls from my local craft shop and love the way it finishes off the draw. I lined the inside if the drawer,and  just coloured outside with the walnut stain. It looks OK and lets face it  you can't see the sides of the drawer much.
I put a few things on the shelves just to see how it looks and I think I'm going to get a lot of use  out of this.
 Next I need t start the tower sections of the organiser. Its my local crop on Saturday so I hope to get most of it done then.


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