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21 Jan 2014

Organiser Finished!

Good evening peeps! I have finished my organiser.
I completed the tower storage on Saturday at my local crop. We have found a new venue for our crop because the old one put up their prices so much we couldn't afford to hire the hall anymore. Every cloud has a silver lining because our new venue we can afford and it is so much nicer with better lighting and facilities we can use. We are so happy with this forced move!

Oops I'm digressing, back t the Modular organiser, I made two drawers and a partial tower to go above the large drawer and then made two more full height towers to go on the side. I am pleased its gone so well. I can fit what I want in the organiser and still have room to expand my resources ..... like the distress stain I bought, I might NEED some other colours soon ;-)

Unfortunately, I've mislaid my camera so can't take a picture for you. I'll upload photos as soon as I find it. Ok I found my camera here are the pictures....
This one is the main base without the partial drawer set above the drawer. 

 This one shows the completed organiser. I've added the shelves and drawers above the large drawer. I've also added the tower sections. I added some brads to the drawers and a drawer pull on the large one.
This photo shows the towers placed inside the organiser.
I'm pleased with the finished results. Its amazing how much you can store inside it. I have thought about making another one but this time only using the pen holder section and filling the base shell with multiple pen sections to hold all my Promarkers.

Tonight, I decided to tidy my sewing box. I needed to repair a seat cover so that lead on to tidying a very messy box. Wow! I don't know how many packets of needles, safety pins and ordinary pins I had. I don't think I'll need to buy anymore for the foreseeable future!
There's something quite relaxing and rewarding sifting through stuff you'd forgotten you had.

Hmmm what project to do next? I need to make a birthday card for Hubby so I guess that'll be next....

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