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6 Jan 2014

80th Birthday card (Link to cutting file)

Good evening friends.
Yhis will be a short post because I have earache which started in work this morning and seems to be getting worse as the day goes on :-(
Here is the card I've made for my mother in law's 80th Birthday. This is a free file designed by Silvia F that I downloaded from Ukscrappers. The card originally had '40' in the centre so I altered it to 80. The link to the file is below.
I cut out the card with the front piece included then cut a separate front part of the card and adhered it to the main card using thin  foam pads to give some dimension. I then cut out the centre pieces and threaded some purple ribbon through the top part and adhered both the under layer and the topper to the centre of the card again with thin foam pads. I cut out the 2x 80 and placed them on top again using foam pads to give the whole thing dimension. Finally I cut out some purple paper and used it as an insert. It looks pink in the picture but it is pruple and does match the ribbon.
You can access the file for this card by scolling down the page a bit from HERE.  

Oh yes I cut this card out with my Cameo so you can see I'm making good use of both my Cameo and Pazzles!!

Now I'm off to get a painkiller and snuggle up in bed.Niteeeeeee

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