"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

29 Jan 2014

Doily cutting file

I haven't done a lot of crafting the last few days because of illness, I  completed one page of my journal before I was ill but have yet to take a photo of it.
 I did sit quietly and played with the MTC software to see what I could do and I designed this. Its not perfect  but someone might find it useful. I haven't cut it yet but   you are welcome to download it from HERE. It is in MTC, SVG and .Studio format.


24 Jan 2014

Spring fold birthday card (cutting file)

I've been struggling to think of an idea for hubby's birthday card and so went surfing Pinterest and saw a couple fo spring fold cards. I hunted Youtube to find out how you make the card and developed my card from there. If you don't have a cutting machine then simply follow the instructions on this Youtube  tutorial.
Needless to say I tried to figure out how I can transfer it to a cutting file so that I could cut out his name and greeting to go on the top. It wasn't difficult once I'd worked it out on a piece of scrap paper first. 

 Where she cut the top into a diamond shape I left it  as a  stright top so that I could write a greeting.
Hubby has come to expect his name on his cards since I started doing this a few years ago so thats what I did.
I also inset the lettering and triangular shapes so that I could give it some depth by mattting and layering. I also edged the card with some Antique Linen Distress Ink (Tim Holtz). The paper is from two pads (1 plain colours and 1 patterned)  I bought at my local Lidl's supermarket. It was cheap stuff but I can't get over how  the quality is so good (250-270gsm). The brown paper is the back of one on Tim Holtz Idealogy sheets.
I matted and layered the bottom section then stamped the greeting with Versamark and heat embossed with white embossing powder.
 I haven't permanently stuck down the bottom either because I wanted to use that bottom section for the writing. I know its suppose to be stuck down but I thought . I could either put a dot of Velcro  there so that it will hold down after he has viewed the  greeting or simply fold the bottom section back on itself which allows the rest of the card to stand up.
The card needed some kind of embellishment at the bottom but I struggled to know what. A flower would be too feminine, I tried some coin type embellies but they didn't look right either. I found some wooden shapes and adhered some gems to one of them, then cut out a curcle of the brown colour card used to matt the other parts of the card.
If you would like to use this file you can download it from HERE. The file has SVG, Studio and MTC formats included. Obviously not many of you want the name on the top so simply cut the wording  away and create your own , weld the letters together then weld it to the top of the rectangle shape.I used Pork's font which is free to download from HERE.  Come to think of it you could weld anything you want on the top and make it your own.

21 Jan 2014

Organiser Finished!

Good evening peeps! I have finished my organiser.
I completed the tower storage on Saturday at my local crop. We have found a new venue for our crop because the old one put up their prices so much we couldn't afford to hire the hall anymore. Every cloud has a silver lining because our new venue we can afford and it is so much nicer with better lighting and facilities we can use. We are so happy with this forced move!

Oops I'm digressing, back t the Modular organiser, I made two drawers and a partial tower to go above the large drawer and then made two more full height towers to go on the side. I am pleased its gone so well. I can fit what I want in the organiser and still have room to expand my resources ..... like the distress stain I bought, I might NEED some other colours soon ;-)

Unfortunately, I've mislaid my camera so can't take a picture for you. I'll upload photos as soon as I find it. Ok I found my camera here are the pictures....
This one is the main base without the partial drawer set above the drawer. 

 This one shows the completed organiser. I've added the shelves and drawers above the large drawer. I've also added the tower sections. I added some brads to the drawers and a drawer pull on the large one.
This photo shows the towers placed inside the organiser.
I'm pleased with the finished results. Its amazing how much you can store inside it. I have thought about making another one but this time only using the pen holder section and filling the base shell with multiple pen sections to hold all my Promarkers.

Tonight, I decided to tidy my sewing box. I needed to repair a seat cover so that lead on to tidying a very messy box. Wow! I don't know how many packets of needles, safety pins and ordinary pins I had. I don't think I'll need to buy anymore for the foreseeable future!
There's something quite relaxing and rewarding sifting through stuff you'd forgotten you had.

Hmmm what project to do next? I need to make a birthday card for Hubby so I guess that'll be next....

17 Jan 2014

Organiser progress 2

The organiser is coming along. I've finished the base part of the organiser.  I covered the whole thing with Tim Holtz ideology paper and scraps of other paper from my stash.
I began to think it looked very masculine but I edged it all with Walnut stain distress ink and decided I loved the vintage look of it.

Next I bought some Tim Holt draw pulls from my local craft shop and love the way it finishes off the draw. I lined the inside if the drawer,and  just coloured outside with the walnut stain. It looks OK and lets face it  you can't see the sides of the drawer much.
I put a few things on the shelves just to see how it looks and I think I'm going to get a lot of use  out of this.
 Next I need t start the tower sections of the organiser. Its my local crop on Saturday so I hope to get most of it done then.


14 Jan 2014

Organiser progression 1

I'm slowly making progress on my organiser. I've almost finished the base section.
 I've added the shelving and covered them with paper.

I've also made the drawer sectio in the middle plus the actual drawer. The front of the drawer isn't fixed to the draw yet because I need to get a drawer pull and fix that to the front first so I can hide the back pins.

Next I have to cover the outside with paper and affix the 'lid' that goes across the top of the shelves.
Then I have to decide which of the tower storage sections I want to make.

I had my first crafting accident tonight. I sliced my finger with a Stanley ( Exacto)  knife. Silly of me really because I noticed my finger was cose to the edge of the ruler and thought I'd better move it but of course the act of taking my eye of the blade made it slip and slice! Its only a small cut, but boy does it hurt!!
Lesso learned.... keep my eye on the blade!!


13 Jan 2014

Work in progress

I've been pretty busy crafting over the weekend. I had an urge to do something 3D but wasn't sure what. I came across this  Modular Organser  by Laura Dension which would be ideal for me to store my Stickles.
 I have. I usually store them in my tote bag but I bought a new bag and they no longer fit in the bag so this organiser looked just right. I went to Lauaras website and bought the pattern for the organiser and started making it.   The beauty of this organiser is you can chose what and where you put the shelves  and chose between different layouts.

The pattern says to use chipboard but to make a good firm base I chose to use Mount board instead. I'll use chipboard to make the inside sections.

I started by making the base and some of the shelves to fit inside the  base. I've made two sets of shelves, that are the same so that I can fit in all my Stickles and my mini glossy accents. I adehere both sets into the base.
Next I have to make the drawer section to go in the middle and cover thie section with paper.
I'm using mainly Tim Holtz Ideaology paper for this project with a few sheets of other papers that are similar. I want to use up the left over papers from other projects.
If you'd like to make something like this you can find the pattern at Following the Paper Trail.
More to follow!!

6 Jan 2014

80th Birthday card (Link to cutting file)

Good evening friends.
Yhis will be a short post because I have earache which started in work this morning and seems to be getting worse as the day goes on :-(
Here is the card I've made for my mother in law's 80th Birthday. This is a free file designed by Silvia F that I downloaded from Ukscrappers. The card originally had '40' in the centre so I altered it to 80. The link to the file is below.
I cut out the card with the front piece included then cut a separate front part of the card and adhered it to the main card using thin  foam pads to give some dimension. I then cut out the centre pieces and threaded some purple ribbon through the top part and adhered both the under layer and the topper to the centre of the card again with thin foam pads. I cut out the 2x 80 and placed them on top again using foam pads to give the whole thing dimension. Finally I cut out some purple paper and used it as an insert. It looks pink in the picture but it is pruple and does match the ribbon.
You can access the file for this card by scolling down the page a bit from HERE.  

Oh yes I cut this card out with my Cameo so you can see I'm making good use of both my Cameo and Pazzles!!

Now I'm off to get a painkiller and snuggle up in bed.Niteeeeeee

5 Jan 2014

Happy New Year!!

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great Christmas and may the New year bring you lots of happiness. I'm sorry I've not posted for a while Christmas preparations took over a bit. I haven't done a great deal of crafting over the Christmas period, I've just been occupied with the family and Christmas.

 I made a pencil holder to go with the book desk tidies I made a while back, its in the same style as the other books but just a bit taller and less wide.
I've also made a leaving album/card for a work colleague( previous boss). She isn't leaviing until March but I thought I'd get it done out of the way.
 As you can see I've cut 5 sheets of white card in the shape of her name. I then covered the card with pink Docraft paper on both sides. This stiffens the card up  nicely.
I distressed the edges of all the cards with some Worn Lipstich Distress ink.
On the front page  I've added some flowers I had in my stash, they are just layered with a gem in the middle.

 On the 'T' page I cut out a Fuscia flower by tattered lace and  adhered it to the page. I cut out the lettering and embossed it with an embossing folder that was run through my Bigshot and adhered to the page. I added a few gems to the lettering.
I also adhered some gems through the letter 'T' to give it some bling.

The 'E' page consists of a retirment poem I found n the net and printed out.  I cut out the shape and the mat using my Pazzles.
I embossed the top and bottom of the white page and added a small flower to give it some dimension. I distressed the shapes usng the same distress ink as before.

On the next two pages I cut out some callouts using my Pazzles and edged them with distress ink. I adhered them to the pages so that colleagues can write threir own contribution to the card. I added a few more flowers to give the whole card a theme.

On the last page I added a photo of the team as a memento of her time leading  the team .

I simply mated and layered the photo and adhered it to the page.
All I have to do now is make an envelope for it. The whole thing measures 10 1/2 x 8 inches so I'll have to work that envelope out.
 What crafty goodies did you get for Christmas?
I had a WRMK envelope punch, a Sewing Machine and some embossing tools in a lovely carry case. I've used the sewing machine to mend a bag and the Envelope maker but haven't used the embossing tools yet. Shame the card is too big to use the envelope maker. Never mind I'll use it for my next project which is an 80th Birthday card for my mother in law.