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22 Nov 2013

Storm trooper (cutting file)

It was my son's birthday yesterday and he is an avid Star Wars/ Star trek geek err fan, has been since he was a young boy. He wanted a Jedi dressing gown for his birthday.. hmm I wont say how old he is now!!
I decided to make him a star wars theme birthday card. I couldn't do a Jedi  because it was just a brown gown with a hood....... bit boring.......... so I decided to make a storm trooper helmet  instead.
 This is a paper piecing card. I cut out the base of the trooper using black card. The pieces are cut in white card then layered them on top of the black base.
I printed out a Star Wars theme paper from the net  and matted it onto the white card base and added the storm trooper using foam pads.

A fairly simple card but he loved it.

You can download the paper piecing  storm trooper from HERE. The zip files are in .MTC, .SVG and .Studio formats.

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