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5 Nov 2013

Family book (Cutting file)

I've made a start on this book I mentioned in a previous post. This is work in progress at the moment...

I used my Pazzles to cut out the cover from chipboard/ cardboard. It was pretty thick so I had to do 3 cuts lengthening the blade each time. I have to say I was impressed how well it cut such a thick hard piece of board. Its thick enough that it won't bend at all.  Its too thick to laminate so I'l coat the cover with some Mod Podge  or something similar to make sure the wording won't come off.
I cut the 'pages' from double sided paper that was
in my stash. The wording was cut from Bazzil cardstock using my Cameo because I feel it cuts thinner material better than the Pazzles . I  put the words "who are you?' on each page so that who ever reads the book with my grandsons can explain who are in the pictures. I will add names to each picture as well.

I'm going to laminate the finished pages so that  1.  pieces don't drop off tempting the little ones to eat  what they shouldn't and 2. the pages stay clean and will be  hard wearing. It does mean that I can only put  embellishments that are flat. If they are raised they won't laminate properly.

I'm still in two minds as to how I'm going to fix the coves and pages together. I could use my Bid it all and connect them at the side of the roof or  on the side wall/. I could also use book rings  so that additional pages could be added later if other pictures need to be added.

Its a very basic shape but you are welcome to download the files from HERE. They are in .SVG, .Studio and .MTC formats


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