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3 Nov 2013

Even more layouts.

Josh, what a hectic few weeks its been and unfortunately its my crafting that's suffered. I've had a lots to do in work with new systems to get used to on top of the normal getting reports out etc.  I didn't know whether I was coming or going at one point!

The clocks changing to winter time has thrown my sleep out of kilter too.
I have made a big effort this weekend to get some crafting don. I went to a Crop  that I visited last month and h a great time. Yes I did more layouts!!

 This is one of my younger grandson. Doesn't look so cute?!!

This one is of me and my eldest son back in 1981. For those who don't know what a cwtch is, it means  a hug/cuddle! Can't say much for my hairstyle tho LOL

This one is of my dear parents back in 1986. Miss them so much!

I have taken the advice of a fellow crafter  Jann and have started making  book for my grandsons with pictures of the family. Its a simple house shaped cover and pages ... I just need to get more photos of  both sides of the family.... pictures to follow.......

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  1. Wonderful!!! EH, with the hair--I think for me it's my style of eyeglasses that get stranger as I go back in time!


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