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25 Nov 2013

Desk tidy

I saw a lovely project via the Graphics45 website and decided to have a go at it myself. I thought I'd try it out using  papers I already have.
I am really trying to get my paper stash down somewhat. I am slowly beginning to see some space  in my paper box. It's a small space but  at least it is progress in using up my papers! Some of the paper was Tim Holtz paper. I can;t remember the other paper so I'll let you know what it is next time.

Anyway, back to the project. It's  book boxes  made up to be  a desk tidy.
I've started 3 "books" so far and have one more to make.
You can see the video tutorial by the originator HERE. She doesn't say what sizes her books were but I made mine 5x5 x2 inches. I guess you can make them any size you want.
My covers are made from  two 5x5 inches chipboard/cardboard with a 2x5 inch spine. The "pages" of the book I made differently to the video I cut a strip of chipboard  1 3/4 inches wide and 9 inches long. I then scored a line across the strip at 4 3/4 inches and folded the strip to create the page effect. I adhered that using my glue gun. I covered the  "pages"  section with printer paper that I had run through one of those pleating gadgets.

Once I've done the 4th "book" I will add some embellishments and more decorations.

I have ordered some paper-mache book boxes that I will cover and use to keep bits and pieces  on my desk as well as the desk tidy.



  1. I saw that tutorial as well. Saved it-going to try it. Love yours.
    It's a shame how much we hoard up! I've been using bits & pieces as well. Makes me feel good.

  2. Thank you for sharing your dimensions so I can make my own rather having to buy the paper mache books. I also saw this video on G45 site. But I like to use what a have. tfs

  3. I think this would be awesome to hold the 6x6" paper I have...of course I'd have to INCREASE the size of my 'books.' Right now I have my 6x6" papers in this: http://www.silhouetteonlinestore.com/?page=view-shape&id=45288 which is OKAY...but I like the idea of using chipboard to be sturdier.

    1. Jann thats a great idea, I don't have a lot of 6x6 papers but what I do have are stiuffed in a large box with some other things and they are getting crumpled. The beauty of these 'books' is you can make then any size you want.


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