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27 Nov 2013

Desk Tidy finished

 I've finished my book desk tidies!!

I managed to do this much quicker than I thought I would. ..... I think I've finished them ... I might add a few touches to the calligraphy and Suchard 'books'.... .... I feel they need something but not sure what.

I'll leave it and come back to it if I get any inspiration.

Overall I'm pleased with how they've turned out.

My  paper mache book boxes have arrived today but they are much smaller than I expected, the largest is less than 3 inches high.  They'll be useful for keeping  smaller things like brads or paper clips.

Now I have to figure out how best to cover them because the spine is sort of ridged. Should I try to cover them with paper, tissue paper or paint them?? Any ideas or tips out there.......... please???


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