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12 Nov 2013

Count down to Christmas ( cutting files)

Hhhhhhhmmmm its been a bit of a blooper day today.... I was going to make a banner. I cut out all the shapes from mountboard using my Pazzles. They are similar to the Artful houses by Tim Holtz but these were created from the shapes in the Make the Cut software. The stallest hapes are about 5 inches high and vary in width. They were suppose to be upside down so the pointed bit was on the bottom.....humph....
Next I cut out the cover paper (Graphics45 Nutcracker collection) and.......oops  blooper!!!! I cut the paper with the pattern upside down .....arghh!!!
Never mind....... change of plan.I decided to make an advent calendar inspired from an article in the Craft Stampers Magazine (November edition). Each day is in the shape of a house and decorated.
I linked the houses together by adhereing the shapes with  plain ribbon and glued the paper over the top to fix it in place.
So far its turning out well. I've covered all the shapes and have started creating the numbers and a few decorations.
So far I've added some ribbon,, lace braid, bakers twine, buttons, wooden shapes and bows etc but only to a few houses. I want to get the numbers on the houses first and the decorating can be done at my local crop next Saturday.

This is very much work in progress because I'm making most of the numbers myself. Its surprising how long they take to do. 
 I'm using a mixture of techniques from heat embossing, Gold flake adding, dry embossing adding numbers to little frames and creating letter tiles.
 Number 8 is made simply from bent wire

I'm also adding texture to some letters by dry embossing or adding 'flower soft' and beadsto number 6

Number 10 was made by stamping the numbers on a piece of paper, distressing the edge with ink, cutting out and placing inside a trinket frame. Next I covered it with Glossy accents to give a shiny seal.

YOu are welcome to download the cutting files for the Advent Village and some letters and a couple of toppers from HERE.I don't think all the numbers tare there because I used some embellishments I already had like the Thickers but its easy to cut out a few numbers.
If you don't have a electronic cutting machine then you could make the houses from TH's dies but I think they'll be smaller.
 If you use your Cameo its best to use two thinner cards and adhere them to gether after cutting to give them strength. The Cameo wouldn't be able to cut mountboard.

 I've got 9 more letters to cut and add to the houses then I'll focus on decorating the houses more fully..... more to follow


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