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18 Nov 2013

Advent finished!

Finally got around to finishing off the advent calendar. I was going to finish it at my local crop but I started fiddling with it Friday evening and ended up completing it then!
It didn't take long to adhere some embellishments to the top half of the houses.

I found some Christmasy things at our local cheap supermarket (Lidls) that were ideal as embellishments, like the wooden reindeer and I dismantled a set of ribbons and adhered the felt trees etc.
I have a six foot wide inglenook fireplace with a wooden beam across it.   I cut out the base shapes wider than usual so they would stretch across the fireplace and I have to say the calendar goes really well on top of it!

So what did I do at my local crop on Saturday?
 I was going to make some tree decorations but the 'Stampin Up' class project looked lovely so I joined that instead.

We made a mini scrapbook album inside a box. The box was similar to the old video boxed with the cover similar to the front cover of the album but on a natural coloured background.

We used Stampin Up papers, punches and stamps  of course and it looked fabulous when it was finished. We got to use the SU envelop maker. I hae seen it made by WRMK too and often wondered if it was worth getting. I have to say I was impressed and am very tempted to get one.......... now do I NEED one??????...... ;-))

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