"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

27 Nov 2013

Desk Tidy finished

 I've finished my book desk tidies!!

I managed to do this much quicker than I thought I would. ..... I think I've finished them ... I might add a few touches to the calligraphy and Suchard 'books'.... .... I feel they need something but not sure what.

I'll leave it and come back to it if I get any inspiration.

Overall I'm pleased with how they've turned out.

My  paper mache book boxes have arrived today but they are much smaller than I expected, the largest is less than 3 inches high.  They'll be useful for keeping  smaller things like brads or paper clips.

Now I have to figure out how best to cover them because the spine is sort of ridged. Should I try to cover them with paper, tissue paper or paint them?? Any ideas or tips out there.......... please???


25 Nov 2013

Desk tidy

I saw a lovely project via the Graphics45 website and decided to have a go at it myself. I thought I'd try it out using  papers I already have.
I am really trying to get my paper stash down somewhat. I am slowly beginning to see some space  in my paper box. It's a small space but  at least it is progress in using up my papers! Some of the paper was Tim Holtz paper. I can;t remember the other paper so I'll let you know what it is next time.

Anyway, back to the project. It's  book boxes  made up to be  a desk tidy.
I've started 3 "books" so far and have one more to make.
You can see the video tutorial by the originator HERE. She doesn't say what sizes her books were but I made mine 5x5 x2 inches. I guess you can make them any size you want.
My covers are made from  two 5x5 inches chipboard/cardboard with a 2x5 inch spine. The "pages" of the book I made differently to the video I cut a strip of chipboard  1 3/4 inches wide and 9 inches long. I then scored a line across the strip at 4 3/4 inches and folded the strip to create the page effect. I adhered that using my glue gun. I covered the  "pages"  section with printer paper that I had run through one of those pleating gadgets.

Once I've done the 4th "book" I will add some embellishments and more decorations.

I have ordered some paper-mache book boxes that I will cover and use to keep bits and pieces  on my desk as well as the desk tidy.


22 Nov 2013

Storm trooper (cutting file)

It was my son's birthday yesterday and he is an avid Star Wars/ Star trek geek err fan, has been since he was a young boy. He wanted a Jedi dressing gown for his birthday.. hmm I wont say how old he is now!!
I decided to make him a star wars theme birthday card. I couldn't do a Jedi  because it was just a brown gown with a hood....... bit boring.......... so I decided to make a storm trooper helmet  instead.
 This is a paper piecing card. I cut out the base of the trooper using black card. The pieces are cut in white card then layered them on top of the black base.
I printed out a Star Wars theme paper from the net  and matted it onto the white card base and added the storm trooper using foam pads.

A fairly simple card but he loved it.

You can download the paper piecing  storm trooper from HERE. The zip files are in .MTC, .SVG and .Studio formats.

a few more baubles

I've simply made a few more baubles for the tree using my scrap paper, stamps and embellishments like the others.
The blue one is still from Graphic45 paper and I simple cut out a scalloped circle from a punch edged it with tumbled glass distress inks and adhered a star embellishment. Its amazing how just using a different colour paper can change the look of  the bauble. I've got three more to make.


19 Nov 2013

tree decorations

I have  really been inspired by the November edition of Craft Stampers magazine. Besides the advent calendar I also loved their tree decorations. I made 5 tonight using  my own papers and changing the designs to suit my taste too. The bottom centre decoration was the 1st two I made  which was similar to the magazine version. I cut out the circles using my Pazzles and mount board and  left over Graphic45 paper from the Nutcracker suite collection. Next I stamped out some holly using an old acrylic stamp I had in my stash and coloured it with my Promarkers in and adhered the buttons but I felt it looked a bit washed out.

Instead I used Versamark and black embossing powder on the next two and I think it looked better. I ran out of white buttons so used red instead and  for the 5th used some embellishments left over from the advent calendar. I'll make a few more to put on my tree.
 I'll have to make my eldest son's birthday card for Thursday........ I won't say how old he'll be but now I'm beginning to feel old!!

18 Nov 2013

Advent finished!

Finally got around to finishing off the advent calendar. I was going to finish it at my local crop but I started fiddling with it Friday evening and ended up completing it then!
It didn't take long to adhere some embellishments to the top half of the houses.

I found some Christmasy things at our local cheap supermarket (Lidls) that were ideal as embellishments, like the wooden reindeer and I dismantled a set of ribbons and adhered the felt trees etc.
I have a six foot wide inglenook fireplace with a wooden beam across it.   I cut out the base shapes wider than usual so they would stretch across the fireplace and I have to say the calendar goes really well on top of it!

So what did I do at my local crop on Saturday?
 I was going to make some tree decorations but the 'Stampin Up' class project looked lovely so I joined that instead.

We made a mini scrapbook album inside a box. The box was similar to the old video boxed with the cover similar to the front cover of the album but on a natural coloured background.

We used Stampin Up papers, punches and stamps  of course and it looked fabulous when it was finished. We got to use the SU envelop maker. I hae seen it made by WRMK too and often wondered if it was worth getting. I have to say I was impressed and am very tempted to get one.......... now do I NEED one??????...... ;-))

14 Nov 2013

Numbers Done!

 Phew its surprising how much work  getting all the numbers done, most of them I made myself. I  bought one set of Tim Holtz metal numbers and I had a set of thickers  but the rest were home made.
Some were made by cutting out some printed numbers and covering them with Glossy accents or Crackle Accents,  some were cut out  with the Cameo and then covered either in Glossy accents or  embossing powder. Others I cut out and layered using different things like mirror and glitter card.

I now need to cut out  and find different things like ribbons to decorate each of the houses. That's a job for tomorrow, in preparation for my local crop on Saturday.


12 Nov 2013

Count down to Christmas ( cutting files)

Hhhhhhhmmmm its been a bit of a blooper day today.... I was going to make a banner. I cut out all the shapes from mountboard using my Pazzles. They are similar to the Artful houses by Tim Holtz but these were created from the shapes in the Make the Cut software. The stallest hapes are about 5 inches high and vary in width. They were suppose to be upside down so the pointed bit was on the bottom.....humph....
Next I cut out the cover paper (Graphics45 Nutcracker collection) and.......oops  blooper!!!! I cut the paper with the pattern upside down .....arghh!!!
Never mind....... change of plan.I decided to make an advent calendar inspired from an article in the Craft Stampers Magazine (November edition). Each day is in the shape of a house and decorated.
I linked the houses together by adhereing the shapes with  plain ribbon and glued the paper over the top to fix it in place.
So far its turning out well. I've covered all the shapes and have started creating the numbers and a few decorations.
So far I've added some ribbon,, lace braid, bakers twine, buttons, wooden shapes and bows etc but only to a few houses. I want to get the numbers on the houses first and the decorating can be done at my local crop next Saturday.

This is very much work in progress because I'm making most of the numbers myself. Its surprising how long they take to do. 
 I'm using a mixture of techniques from heat embossing, Gold flake adding, dry embossing adding numbers to little frames and creating letter tiles.
 Number 8 is made simply from bent wire

I'm also adding texture to some letters by dry embossing or adding 'flower soft' and beadsto number 6

Number 10 was made by stamping the numbers on a piece of paper, distressing the edge with ink, cutting out and placing inside a trinket frame. Next I covered it with Glossy accents to give a shiny seal.

YOu are welcome to download the cutting files for the Advent Village and some letters and a couple of toppers from HERE.I don't think all the numbers tare there because I used some embellishments I already had like the Thickers but its easy to cut out a few numbers.
If you don't have a electronic cutting machine then you could make the houses from TH's dies but I think they'll be smaller.
 If you use your Cameo its best to use two thinner cards and adhere them to gether after cutting to give them strength. The Cameo wouldn't be able to cut mountboard.

 I've got 9 more letters to cut and add to the houses then I'll focus on decorating the houses more fully..... more to follow


11 Nov 2013

Canvas and card

 I was commissioned to paint a canvas  but unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of it. Its similar to the.beach huts I painted last year. This time I had 4 huts, no umbrella in the front, and a hot air balloon floating across the sky.

Next I made a 'Thank You' card for a colleague who very kindly fixed up a computer that I could use with my pupils in work. He's very busy and I really appreciated him doing this in his spare time. I made a simple laptop  topper and lettering using my Cameo. I adhered them to the background crad and covered the letters and 'keys' in Glossy Accents.

Next I want to make a Christmas banner to go across my fireplace. I've started  creating the shapes and numbers on my computer next I'll decorate them numbers and fix them to the houses.... more info to follow!!

5 Nov 2013

Family book (Cutting file)

I've made a start on this book I mentioned in a previous post. This is work in progress at the moment...

I used my Pazzles to cut out the cover from chipboard/ cardboard. It was pretty thick so I had to do 3 cuts lengthening the blade each time. I have to say I was impressed how well it cut such a thick hard piece of board. Its thick enough that it won't bend at all.  Its too thick to laminate so I'l coat the cover with some Mod Podge  or something similar to make sure the wording won't come off.
I cut the 'pages' from double sided paper that was
in my stash. The wording was cut from Bazzil cardstock using my Cameo because I feel it cuts thinner material better than the Pazzles . I  put the words "who are you?' on each page so that who ever reads the book with my grandsons can explain who are in the pictures. I will add names to each picture as well.

I'm going to laminate the finished pages so that  1.  pieces don't drop off tempting the little ones to eat  what they shouldn't and 2. the pages stay clean and will be  hard wearing. It does mean that I can only put  embellishments that are flat. If they are raised they won't laminate properly.

I'm still in two minds as to how I'm going to fix the coves and pages together. I could use my Bid it all and connect them at the side of the roof or  on the side wall/. I could also use book rings  so that additional pages could be added later if other pictures need to be added.

Its a very basic shape but you are welcome to download the files from HERE. They are in .SVG, .Studio and .MTC formats


4 Nov 2013


I've managed to complete a page in my art journal this evening. I had an image in my mind following the stormy weather we've had this week.

I did a kind f Zen tangle pattern on a blank page then coloured each shape in using different patterns and colours.  Onc that was done I used a 'Banksy' stencil to cover part of the page and covered the rest in black acrylic paint. Banksy is a  famous British graffiti artist who keeps his identity a secret.  I edged the shape with a white acrylic pen. That's a bit messy  buthey ho,  I just don't have a steady hand, well thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!
 The saying I heard when I went to a Ralf McTell concert and thought how lovely it was. I printed the words and cut them out. I adhered them to the page and edged them with Pitt pens to finish them off.

I've been commissioned to do a summery canvas so I'll have to start that soon.  Its funny how things turn out, for  while I struggled to know what to create then all of a sudden I have  a few things I want and need to get done..... will have to keep crafting this week......

3 Nov 2013

Even more layouts.

Josh, what a hectic few weeks its been and unfortunately its my crafting that's suffered. I've had a lots to do in work with new systems to get used to on top of the normal getting reports out etc.  I didn't know whether I was coming or going at one point!

The clocks changing to winter time has thrown my sleep out of kilter too.
I have made a big effort this weekend to get some crafting don. I went to a Crop  that I visited last month and h a great time. Yes I did more layouts!!

 This is one of my younger grandson. Doesn't look so cute?!!

This one is of me and my eldest son back in 1981. For those who don't know what a cwtch is, it means  a hug/cuddle! Can't say much for my hairstyle tho LOL

This one is of my dear parents back in 1986. Miss them so much!

I have taken the advice of a fellow crafter  Jann and have started making  book for my grandsons with pictures of the family. Its a simple house shaped cover and pages ... I just need to get more photos of  both sides of the family.... pictures to follow.......