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2 Oct 2013


 I've been MIA recently  for no reason other than work has kept me busy. Babysitting has also kept me busy .. a lovely way to be busy .....playing with the grandkids.  I've pottered about with crafting but haven't really got much to show. I made a couple of birthday cards using designs I've used before. I figured you wouldn't want to see the same things again.
Some of you know I'm a dyslexia specialist teacher and I've used my Pazzles to cut out some reading frames. Those are just rectangles of card with little slits cut out of them so the child can block out most of the text and read one line at a time.  That's not  a very exciting project to blog about. The Pazzles did a lovely job of cutting through the thick card.If any of you want the cutting file for the reading frame let me know and I'll post it for you.

Its my youngest grandson's  1st birthday  very soon and the theme for his party is pirates. I decided to make some treasure chests to put in some chocolate coins to go in the party bag. I found the template online HERE. I converted it into a print and cut cutting file and cut out loads of them with my Cameo.
I haven't investigated trying P&C with the Pazzles yet and I just haven't had time to work it out. The cameo did a great job so thats fine with me.
I simply cut out two of the same design, score where the folds go and then  and adhere them together. I constructed them while I was babysitting and the children were in bed. It didn't take long to make up 25 of them. I've bought the coins ready to go inside but we'll do that nearer to the party.
Its hard to believe a year has gone by since my two grandson's were born... where does the time go??
Next I want to design and make a wreath for Christmas. I'll try out a prototype and you can let me know what you think!!

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  1. Your grandsons are going to be a year old soon? WOWZA! Hard to believe that--I can clearly envision that picture of your son holding the 'baby graduate' at his own graduation!!!

    Can't wait to see pictures of their parties!! Especially their reaction to CAKE! ;-)


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