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4 Oct 2013

Christmas cards

Wow ! where has this year gone? Christmas is looming  up rather to fast for my liking!! Time to start making some cards.

This first card I believe is a free one of Tina Fitch's early designs I think I  downloaded from her website. It was a while ago and to be honest I can't remember where I downloaded it from, so my apologies to Tina for not linking her file. I couldn't get the settings right to cut this design on the Pazzles. It kept chewing up the cardstock. It cut well on the Cameo but I had to be very careful taking it off the mat because the outer lines were so thin and delicate.

It was getting late and I was tired and I began to lose patience slowly removing the card from my mat so I switched to another file I had. This tree card I  think I got (free again) from UKscrappers website  Craft Robo forum. That was downloaded maybe two yeas ago so my memory isn't so good as to where I got it but I think it was from UKscrappers. This was much easier to cut and remoe from the mat. I haven't finished either card, I need to add some embellishments/ sentiments and  maybe colour the candles on the tree and layer the back of both cards with coloured paper.

Pazzles V Cameo.
So far I like both machines both have their strengths and weaknesses.
 I tend to use the Pazzles for the thicker card and less intricate designs which cut well on the Pazzles. I 'm still not  proficient at working out the cut settings, for this machine, yet.
I use the Cameo for the intricate designs and print and cut which this machine does beter than the Pazzles.
 I think they sort of compliment each other in their uses. I wont be getting rid of either machines any time soon!!

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