"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

8 Oct 2013

More Layouts!

I told you I was inspired to do some more scrap booking so here they are!!!

This is a retrospective page of Dylan with his dog Peppa. She is so gentle and looks after him by checking he's OK every time she comes into the room.
I used a mixture of papers I had in my stash but I used a sketch from the Saturday crop to do the banner style background. I used my Side kick and Sizzix lettering dies to do the wording and flourishes.

This page is  one of a recent photo of Jaxon sleeping. He looks so angelic and cute I just had to do a page for this!
I used a kit I bought at the crop unfortunately I cant remember the paper but I'll post that next time. I Mated the photo and then fussy cut the flowers from the same paper. I added some colour to  some of the flowers to make them pop a bit because they looked a bit bland next to the same colour mat. I cut the wording using my Cameo.

I have an idea for another layout... one of my children when they were small but I'll have to rummage through years of photos to find the one I want. That was taken pre digital age!!


7 Oct 2013


On Saturday I went to a different crop in the next town. I haven't been there before and it was really good. The people were really friendly. I went back to doing some 12 x 12 layouts.
The first was my son's graduation for his Masters degree.

As you can see we had to have a photo of my son with my grandson dresed up in his mini graduation outfit.  What a difference a year makes, I forgot how tiny Jaxon was but how much he's grown!.
It was a very proud  moment seeing my son get his masters especially knowing the hard work he put into it. It does show that dyslexia need not be a barrier to success!
The next layout was a more fun one of these two. It shows a  picture of their feet on the sand on a day they spent on the beach. I bet it won't be long before those little feet grow as big as his dad's!

I really enjoyed getting back to doing some scrap booking. It has inspired me to do some more........

5 Oct 2013

Autumn/ Fall Journal Page (Cutting file)

Its all well and good thinking about Christmas and making cards but Autumn/Fall has only just started so I thought I'd do an Autumn journal page. I don't want to do a Halloween page because I think its more for children these days. I love how the leaves on the trees turn such gorgeous colours at this time of year. Back in the early part of summer I bought a packet of silk autumn leaves so now is the ideal time to use them.
I sprayed the page with green Dylusions ink and yellow Cosmic Shimmer. I used a circle stencil (home made) and green Ranger dauber paints to add smaller circles. Thee circles were edged with white and black pens. I adhered the silk leaves onto the page and left it to dry.
While it was drying I cut out the acorns from my files. They are free to download, the link is on the right hand side under cutting files or you can download it from HERE. I downloaded the pumpkin from the MTC gallery and cut it out from orange and brown cardstock. I used distress inks to add some shading and adhered the pumpkin to the page. Last Friday I won a box of chocolate at our local pub raffle so I adhere the raffle tickets to my page to finish it off. A simple but fun to do page.......

4 Oct 2013

Christmas cards

Wow ! where has this year gone? Christmas is looming  up rather to fast for my liking!! Time to start making some cards.

This first card I believe is a free one of Tina Fitch's early designs I think I  downloaded from her website. It was a while ago and to be honest I can't remember where I downloaded it from, so my apologies to Tina for not linking her file. I couldn't get the settings right to cut this design on the Pazzles. It kept chewing up the cardstock. It cut well on the Cameo but I had to be very careful taking it off the mat because the outer lines were so thin and delicate.

It was getting late and I was tired and I began to lose patience slowly removing the card from my mat so I switched to another file I had. This tree card I  think I got (free again) from UKscrappers website  Craft Robo forum. That was downloaded maybe two yeas ago so my memory isn't so good as to where I got it but I think it was from UKscrappers. This was much easier to cut and remoe from the mat. I haven't finished either card, I need to add some embellishments/ sentiments and  maybe colour the candles on the tree and layer the back of both cards with coloured paper.

Pazzles V Cameo.
So far I like both machines both have their strengths and weaknesses.
 I tend to use the Pazzles for the thicker card and less intricate designs which cut well on the Pazzles. I 'm still not  proficient at working out the cut settings, for this machine, yet.
I use the Cameo for the intricate designs and print and cut which this machine does beter than the Pazzles.
 I think they sort of compliment each other in their uses. I wont be getting rid of either machines any time soon!!

3 Oct 2013

Christmas wreath Prototype (cutting file)

Well Peeps,  as promised here is the prototype of my Christmas wreath.

This one is about the size of a tea plate. I didn't want to make a bigger one yet in case it didn't work. I'm pleased with the way this turned out.
 I cut two circles with the centre cut out.

 Next I covered one circle with smaller  semi circles  with gaps to allow ribbon to be thread through the holes and tied. The split circles were put facing different directions to make a random pattern for the ribbon.

I used all the old green ribbon I had, most of which had been bought cheaply at Lidls supermarket ages ago. I threaded pieces of ribbon through the holes and knotted them on the other side. I added some red ribbon to represent some berries but I think I'll add some  embellishments like bells and large beads as well to give it more dimension

Finally I painted the second circle green (I'd use some white card at the start) and glued it to the underside of the wreath to keep the ribbons from working lose and to tidy the back and there you have it!
I have saved this file in .MTC, .SVG and .STUDIO format. You can download this zip file from HERE


2 Oct 2013


 I've been MIA recently  for no reason other than work has kept me busy. Babysitting has also kept me busy .. a lovely way to be busy .....playing with the grandkids.  I've pottered about with crafting but haven't really got much to show. I made a couple of birthday cards using designs I've used before. I figured you wouldn't want to see the same things again.
Some of you know I'm a dyslexia specialist teacher and I've used my Pazzles to cut out some reading frames. Those are just rectangles of card with little slits cut out of them so the child can block out most of the text and read one line at a time.  That's not  a very exciting project to blog about. The Pazzles did a lovely job of cutting through the thick card.If any of you want the cutting file for the reading frame let me know and I'll post it for you.

Its my youngest grandson's  1st birthday  very soon and the theme for his party is pirates. I decided to make some treasure chests to put in some chocolate coins to go in the party bag. I found the template online HERE. I converted it into a print and cut cutting file and cut out loads of them with my Cameo.
I haven't investigated trying P&C with the Pazzles yet and I just haven't had time to work it out. The cameo did a great job so thats fine with me.
I simply cut out two of the same design, score where the folds go and then  and adhere them together. I constructed them while I was babysitting and the children were in bed. It didn't take long to make up 25 of them. I've bought the coins ready to go inside but we'll do that nearer to the party.
Its hard to believe a year has gone by since my two grandson's were born... where does the time go??
Next I want to design and make a wreath for Christmas. I'll try out a prototype and you can let me know what you think!!