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13 Sep 2013

Behive (Cutting file)

Time for a page from my journal. I used some Dylusions inks and leaf stamps. I used a water brush to wash out the colour from the leaves then used some Castell pit pens to recolour some of the leaves. I also edged the paints with some white pens to give some dimnsion.

I cut out the shape of the beehive by hand using some paper I'd bought at my friends crop and drew some lines to create the hive. I then adhered it to the page and edged it with some black acrylic paint pen. I used a home made octagonal stencil and more spray to create the honeycombe patterns. I used some Geltaos to give some shading.  I drew and stamped some bees to finish it off.

I've been playing with my Make the Cut (MTC) software and made a very simple beehive cutting file. I've made it in SVG, Studio and MTC format to give you greater choice. You can download the zip file HERE.


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  1. Your journal page is wonderful. Thank you for sharing the beehive cut file!


Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you taking the time.