"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

13 Sep 2013

Behive (Cutting file)

Time for a page from my journal. I used some Dylusions inks and leaf stamps. I used a water brush to wash out the colour from the leaves then used some Castell pit pens to recolour some of the leaves. I also edged the paints with some white pens to give some dimnsion.

I cut out the shape of the beehive by hand using some paper I'd bought at my friends crop and drew some lines to create the hive. I then adhered it to the page and edged it with some black acrylic paint pen. I used a home made octagonal stencil and more spray to create the honeycombe patterns. I used some Geltaos to give some shading.  I drew and stamped some bees to finish it off.

I've been playing with my Make the Cut (MTC) software and made a very simple beehive cutting file. I've made it in SVG, Studio and MTC format to give you greater choice. You can download the zip file HERE.


12 Sep 2013

Pazzles card

Here I am again. I think I'm beginning to get to grips with some of the settings on the Pazzles. I only had one minor snag but I managed to get  a good cut on the second attempt.

I've tried a simple first project with my new machine. Its a birthday card /album for my son's partner.
It's a card I've made before so it was easy to do and a good way to test  the machine settings.  I used the Pazzles to cut frames and embellishments trying out a few different papers and cards. I even managed to do a lattice pattern on the machine. I didn't design it it was one I had already. I used my Cameo to do the fine lettering on the front page.
It was fun watching both machines work at the same time.
This time I embossed the lettering section of each page and put photos of the children inside. I finished it by binding the pages with some ribbon.
I edged the pages with  Ranger distress pens but you cant see that in the  pictures. I made a few slips of the pen and left unwanted lines. I 'm so glad I have these cutting machines because I definitely don't have a steady hand!

My middle son passed his masters degree and had his graduation ceremony last week. We dressed his son up in graduation robes and mortar board hat as we did last year, he looked sooooooooo  cute!  He was a great hit again. Its amazing how much Jaxon has grown in a year. I need to do some scrapbook pages for that so I must get started  on that next.
I have a hankering to do another mini album, I like to do quirky albums but I'm stuck for ideas........

10 Sep 2013

Pazzles :-)

Hello again peeps!
I had a lovely relaxing time on holiday but I was a very naughty girl! I'm well known for enjoying a good bargain and this one was just too good to miss.  I spotted someone was selling a Pazzles cutting machine on a crafting forum. I mentioned it to hubby and he said, "Go for it!"  so I did LOL.
I made the seller an offer and it was accepted so I am now the proud owner of a Pazzles Inspiration and it was a great bargain to boot!!! It was delivered while I was still on holiday. It was murder waiting to go home from my holiday so I could play with it. It is second hand but it is like new. The mat has been used but it had lots of life left in it..... well it did until I cut right through it by mistake!! Thank goodness I'd ordered spare mats and blades.

I also bought the Make the Cut software to use with both the Pazzles and my Cameo. I spent a lot of the evenings of my holiday learning to use the MTC software. I think the Silhouette Studio software seems easier to use, but there again I'm more used to that.
I've been back to work the last two weeks so I haven't had much time to get a lot of crafting done but I have been trying to experiment with the settings  on the machine with some successes but lots of failures. I am improving though. 
I think the Cameo and Pazzles will compliment each other, I'll cut more intricate designs with the Cameo but cut thicker media with the Pazzles....... well that's the plan anyway.