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16 Aug 2013


Hellooo Peeps,
I am just having a beak from blogging and crafting for a few weeks. Its been so hot in my craft room its been rather unpleasant going in there. With the weather being so nice I've preferred to be outside.
I have  done a few little things over the past few weeks,  mainly in my journal.

This one was in memory of my other who passed away a year ago. She was a very talented crafts woman but her main interest was in sewing, hence the body form.

I'd seen lots of journals on Youtube with houses so I thought I'd do my own version, I haven't put any wording on this one yet.

This one was just a bit of fun using Stephanie Weightman's Tattered Lace fancy shoe die. I wish I could wear shows with those sort of heels but Id be well over 6 feet tall if I did!... I doubt very much I'd be able to walk in them though LOL



  1. I love the dress form picture and saying on it, Sheridan. It's beautiful. How did you create it?

    Oh, I could never wear shoes like that either--not that it would make me over 6 feet tall--probably not even 5 1/2 feet tall since I'm ahem, vertically challenged! PLUS, I'd sprain my left ankle AGAIN walking in a pair of shoes such as those...so no biggie for me.

    Thank you for sharing your journal entries! Oh, the first drawing's border reminded me a little of Zentangle drawings. Have you experimented with them? I dabble in it, but would love to experiment more--just to find the TIME!

  2. The dress form was a free clipart picture I traced and cut out. I'm not sure about copyright so I just did it for me. It's not a file I'd feel comfortable passing on. I cut out another form using the outline. I layered the two together. Because the colours were similar I drew around the details to mak them stand out. I printed out a picture of a butterfly, cut around it and then halved it. I adhered them to the shoulders of the body form. The background is a mixture of paints, rub ons and stamps. The edge is a Dyan Reavley stamp.
    I have tried some Zen tangle in the past. Maybe its something I should do again!!


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