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10 Jul 2013

Retirement card

It's just a quick post tonight. This afternoon I was asked if I could make a retirement card for one of my colleagues. Her leaving party is tomorrow evening. I'm working in the morning and having my hair done in the afternoon so tonight was the only time I had to make it. I could have done with a bit more notice really!!

I wanted it to be a bit personal to her being as its a home made card so I turned it into a sort of album card with three pages and the letters of her name graduating down on each page.
On the front it was just a case of matting and layering the wording. Inside I cut out some flowery shapes for people to write messages on. If there are any spaces left she'll have the option of adding photos if she feels like it.

It doesn't look much but it took me hours even though I used my Cameo to cut out the shapes. I bound the pages with some eyelets and red ribbon.

No crafting tomorrow I'll be out at a party!!


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