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9 Jul 2013

Name shape albums finished

Hello friends,
We have such lovely weather here that its hard to get inside and sit in a hot room and craft! Anyway we'll enjoy it while it lasts because British weather is very fickle!!

Below are some of the pages from the grandson's albums. I ran out of photos so I need to print a just a couple of photos and put them in the last page.

The top few photos are of my eldest grandson who is now 10 months old. He is my son's child. He's crawling about and standing up on the furniture so I don't think it'll be long before he'll be walking.  He looks older than he is because he has so much hair. He needs another haircut soon. He is fairly shy, serious and gentle. He loves his cousin and loves to babble at him when they're together.

The second album shows my other grandson who is 9 months old. He is my daughter's child. He is always smiling and not shy at all. He loves to babble all day! He too is crawling and has started pulling himself into a standing position. I think it will be a little while before he starts to walk.
 He is a bit more boisterous than his cousin and loves to crawl after him and dive on him. That's not fair because he's much bigger than his  cousin!
We're at the stage of needing to remove all the low level objects and its time to clear our coffee table when they come to visit!!

I love that the albums are light and colourful
Hmmm now what project to do next??? Maybe a 12 x 12 page layout perhaps??



  1. You have gorgeous grandsons! I think you should make each of them laminated books of family members' pictures each boy can enjoy playing with! Something for each to treasure...and be sure to put pictures of them in it too!

  2. Thats a brilliant idea Jann. They are coming to an age where they can play with books so I think that is what I'll plan to do.
    Thanks :-)

  3. Can't wait to see your creation, Sheridan! I'm quite sure it will be as wonderful as all your projects!


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