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5 Jul 2013

Image transfer

Hellooo everyone.
I've decided to leave doing the  grandson's albums for the crop I'm going to tomorrow. Instead I've had another play and trying new techniques in my art journal.
This time I tried some image transfer. This was much easier to do than I expected. I primed the page with some Gesso. While that was drying I used my inkjet printer and printed out a couple of pages of butterflies. I spread some Golden matte medium over the page in my journal then pressed the page of butterflies over the medium while it was still wet. I burnished the page for approximately a minute checking regularly to see if the ink transferred. Once it had, I peeled the butterfly page away leaving the print on the journal.

That created a background for the journal. I added some washi tape around the edge, some tissue paper and some light brown acrylic paint. I used a scrap of script paper and did another image transfer of another butterfly. I edged the ripped paper with some distress inks and adhered it to the centre of the page.  I found a saying in a note book I have and distressed the edge and adhered it to the page to finsih it off. It wasn't until I'd adhered the date stamp I realised I'd put the wrong date but hey ho it'll have to say there now......
Now I'm off to babysit my other grandson.... its all babysitting this weekend!

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