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15 Jul 2013

Champagne Birthday Card ( cutting File)

My craft room is in the highest part of the house ( attic) and its been very hot in the UK  the last two weeks...... well hot for us (we normally think anything above 10 degrees is hot!!) and as hot air rises my craft room has been like a sauna so I haven't stayed in there for long. I have great sympathy for all of you that live in hot climates... phew just too hot at the moment.  The retirement card was a great success and I have to say it looked lovely once peole had written in the flowers.
I have made two cards over the weekend. They have been almost identical so I'll just show one card. It was for a friend and my son.
 cut out the bottle shape from green card and the foil top and age seal from mirri card. I welded words to the shaped bottle labels,and cut them on cream pearlised card. I simply layered them  on top of the bottle shape. The back of the card is the same shape as the front and I just adhered the top of the card together. I printed out a sentiment and adhered it to the inside. Its only since I took a photograph of this card I noticed how wonky are the "labels".  The first card was layered a lot straighter than this one..... honest!!

You can download the card file HERE.The file does not have the name and age inside the shapes. To add names and age type out your name or age in studio.

Place the name inside the label and enlarge the letters to they over lap the inner line if the label.
 Select the shape and letters and weld.



  1. Fantastic design! Thanks for the cut file and instructions!


Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you taking the time.