"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

15 Jul 2013

Champagne Birthday Card ( cutting File)

My craft room is in the highest part of the house ( attic) and its been very hot in the UK  the last two weeks...... well hot for us (we normally think anything above 10 degrees is hot!!) and as hot air rises my craft room has been like a sauna so I haven't stayed in there for long. I have great sympathy for all of you that live in hot climates... phew just too hot at the moment.  The retirement card was a great success and I have to say it looked lovely once peole had written in the flowers.
I have made two cards over the weekend. They have been almost identical so I'll just show one card. It was for a friend and my son.
 cut out the bottle shape from green card and the foil top and age seal from mirri card. I welded words to the shaped bottle labels,and cut them on cream pearlised card. I simply layered them  on top of the bottle shape. The back of the card is the same shape as the front and I just adhered the top of the card together. I printed out a sentiment and adhered it to the inside. Its only since I took a photograph of this card I noticed how wonky are the "labels".  The first card was layered a lot straighter than this one..... honest!!

You can download the card file HERE.The file does not have the name and age inside the shapes. To add names and age type out your name or age in studio.

Place the name inside the label and enlarge the letters to they over lap the inner line if the label.
 Select the shape and letters and weld.


10 Jul 2013

Retirement card

It's just a quick post tonight. This afternoon I was asked if I could make a retirement card for one of my colleagues. Her leaving party is tomorrow evening. I'm working in the morning and having my hair done in the afternoon so tonight was the only time I had to make it. I could have done with a bit more notice really!!

I wanted it to be a bit personal to her being as its a home made card so I turned it into a sort of album card with three pages and the letters of her name graduating down on each page.
On the front it was just a case of matting and layering the wording. Inside I cut out some flowery shapes for people to write messages on. If there are any spaces left she'll have the option of adding photos if she feels like it.

It doesn't look much but it took me hours even though I used my Cameo to cut out the shapes. I bound the pages with some eyelets and red ribbon.

No crafting tomorrow I'll be out at a party!!


9 Jul 2013

Name shape albums finished

Hello friends,
We have such lovely weather here that its hard to get inside and sit in a hot room and craft! Anyway we'll enjoy it while it lasts because British weather is very fickle!!

Below are some of the pages from the grandson's albums. I ran out of photos so I need to print a just a couple of photos and put them in the last page.

The top few photos are of my eldest grandson who is now 10 months old. He is my son's child. He's crawling about and standing up on the furniture so I don't think it'll be long before he'll be walking.  He looks older than he is because he has so much hair. He needs another haircut soon. He is fairly shy, serious and gentle. He loves his cousin and loves to babble at him when they're together.

The second album shows my other grandson who is 9 months old. He is my daughter's child. He is always smiling and not shy at all. He loves to babble all day! He too is crawling and has started pulling himself into a standing position. I think it will be a little while before he starts to walk.
 He is a bit more boisterous than his cousin and loves to crawl after him and dive on him. That's not fair because he's much bigger than his  cousin!
We're at the stage of needing to remove all the low level objects and its time to clear our coffee table when they come to visit!!

I love that the albums are light and colourful
Hmmm now what project to do next??? Maybe a 12 x 12 page layout perhaps??


5 Jul 2013

Image transfer

Hellooo everyone.
I've decided to leave doing the  grandson's albums for the crop I'm going to tomorrow. Instead I've had another play and trying new techniques in my art journal.
This time I tried some image transfer. This was much easier to do than I expected. I primed the page with some Gesso. While that was drying I used my inkjet printer and printed out a couple of pages of butterflies. I spread some Golden matte medium over the page in my journal then pressed the page of butterflies over the medium while it was still wet. I burnished the page for approximately a minute checking regularly to see if the ink transferred. Once it had, I peeled the butterfly page away leaving the print on the journal.

That created a background for the journal. I added some washi tape around the edge, some tissue paper and some light brown acrylic paint. I used a scrap of script paper and did another image transfer of another butterfly. I edged the ripped paper with some distress inks and adhered it to the centre of the page.  I found a saying in a note book I have and distressed the edge and adhered it to the page to finsih it off. It wasn't until I'd adhered the date stamp I realised I'd put the wrong date but hey ho it'll have to say there now......
Now I'm off to babysit my other grandson.... its all babysitting this weekend!

3 Jul 2013

Pictures in the album

I had a great time catching up with my friends this evening. Now I'm home I've managed to take some photos of a couple of things I've done this week and forgot to post about.You remember me playing around with acrylic paints and alcohol? Well I finished the page a couple of days ago. I thought I'd posted it but looking back on my posts I realised I hadn't actually posted it so here it is! I just added some rub ons and some wording I typed out on my computer and adhered to the page. I do love the effect of this technique.

In the odd moment I've had free I managed to add some photos to one of the albums and a few embellishments but that's all so far. I want to add some glossy accents to some of the print and cut bits but can I find my Glossy Accents? Not at all. Its disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle space in my craft room........ disappearing without trace , never to be seen again!!
Next  I want to  add photos to the other album...
 I'm not worried if I can't do this in the week because its Chepstow Crafters crop on Saturday and I can focus on dig the albums then


Busy with visitors

Hi friends, I've had two sets of visitors this past week so crafting has been put on the back burner.A good friend kept me chatting on the phone for over an hour last night so again very little crafting was done. Thats OK , it was great catching up on the news ( or should I say gossip?) I'm meeting my friend for a meal this evening so craftiong will have to wait until tomorrow!

 I have managed to adhere some photographs into one grandson's album but thats all I've managed to do. I hope to get something done Thursday .... or is that baby sitting evening?.. no problem I'll take it with me and do it when grandson is in bed.