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26 Jun 2013

Grandsons Mini Albums

I've  started my next project at last. I'm making two albums at the same time. The albums are in the shape of my grandson's names.  Luckily they have the same number of letters in their names so they will be the same size.

To make the pages you use Studio software and a rectangle and the letter you want for each page. Choose a font that gives a nice thick shape. Replicate the rectangle  for the number of letters you want to weld for each page .It is better to make the last page letter first because that will be the longest page. Why will become clearer  later.

Overlap the two shapes, highlight both objects and click the weld button.
 This will create one shape.  Repeat this for each letter page
Once you have created all the letter pages  overlap them so that the pages create the name (still in studio or your software). You will note that the rectangle shapes don't line up on the left. That is fine. If you have the DE version of Studio simply cut the left side so the left side of the cards now line up. If you have the basic Studio simple group the letter pages then draw another rectangle ( red box in diagram) highlight both box and letters and subtract the rectangle.
Ungroup and separate the pages and you are ready to cut them out. Cut out each page. Once done they should fit together one page on top of the other to create the album. The First page in the picture below doesn't look as if it lines up but its just moved over a bit.
Use the same design to cut out the paper to cover the shaped pages.
Don't forget to cut the shape for the back of the page  as well as the front too....

I used thick card for the pages and will chose the paper later. I only used some scraps to show how you cut the paper to decorate the shaped pages. I want to use different paper to cover the pages properly.

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