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1 Jun 2013

Gelatine mess!

Hmm..... its been an interesting evening. I spent some time researching, via Youtube,  on how to make and use gelatine(gelatin) plates for printing. I didn't have any gelatine so I I go to the supermarket to ....get some and made up the recipe and put it in a baking tray to set. A couple of hours later the plate looked great so off I go to my craft room to try it out.... it started pretty well as you can see by my first two attempts. The first was a simple attempt at coating the plate with  cheap acrylic paint. I used  green and yellow  and added some string and cut ripped paper to form circles.  The brayer had nicked a bit of the gelatine as you can see on the top left of the photo. The second I added some mesh to the second pull. That one is my favourite.

After that things went downhill when the gelatine place started to disintegrate. It broke up in the middle so I ended up with a plate half the size of the original. Never mind I thought this is just experimental I did another couple of prints  using my paints and elastic bands but the plate continued to break up. I threw the bits away and had to wipe all the little blobs of gel off my tools and table!

I must have got the Gelatine - water ratio wrong because it wasn't really firm enough to stay in one piece. I'll experiment a bit more and will post the ratio if and when I ever get it right.
The pack of gelatine only cost 69pence so I didn't lose much by the experiment.  The commercial Gelli Art plates are expensive in the UK and I didn't want to spend a lot on something only to find it wasn't for me. 
I did find using the Gelatine plate  a lot of fun but I'm not sure I would use it often enough to warrant buying the commercial one.

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