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3 Jun 2013

Camera Mini Album

I've been fancying doing a new album but its taken me a while to decide what kind I want to do. We're going to Cornwall for our summer holiday (vacation) so I thought it would be nice to do an album ready for our time there.  I've seen a few travel albums online but I didn't really want to do that kind of one.

 I then hit on the idea of making a Camera Album so I can add things like photo's tickets, ephemera, etc into it.  I've seen two vintage camera albums made by  Laura Dension and Kathy Orta  but they looked a bit too complicated for what I want... and is capable of!!

I just sat at my table and cutting machine and started a much simpler version. This is now work in progress!!

First I cut out a simple front, back, bottom and sides from cardboard (chipboard).  I just used some empty cereal packets for the card. The measure 7ins wide and 5ins high to the top of the square shape ( minus the view finder)

As you can see they are a very simple shape but I hope to add some more things to the front and back later. I fixed the  bottom strip measuring 7in x 2ins to the bottom of the front section. I did start to add the side bits to but decided against doing that because it would have made a box shape that would limit what I could put inside so I scratched that idea.

Instead I decided to make it into ore of a book so went ahead and used the hidden hinge binding designed by Kathy Orta. I have used this before on other albums.
I cut a a 7in x 61/4 in piece of card stock and scored in a pattern of 1 line at 1/4 then 2x 1/2 inch then 2 x 1/4in  again 2 x 1/2inch . This pattern was repeated to the end of the card. I folded the half inch sections and adhered each pair together  to form  flap with 1/4 spaces between each flap. This was the hinge.

Next I cut the pages. These measured 91/2 x 71/2 inches.I scored the 71/2 inch at 1/4 o each side. Next I folded the page in half to form a pocket, open again leaving the fold mark.. I cut away the 1/4 scored piece from one half of the page and adhered the added double sided tape to the section that was left and folded it inwards. I folded the card in half again adhering the sides together. This left me with a pocket closed at one end. I cut away a slither for the closed end to open it so had pocket that was open both ends. I made 6 pages. I added glue to both sides of each flap and slipped the open pocket over the flap to create the page connected to the album. You can see this from the top view of the album.
I used Papermania lined paper cardstock to make the pages. I haven't covered the covers yet. I didn't want to cover the cover until I'd sorted out the pages just in case it didn't work.
I'll post my cutting file for the camera later when I can make the pages into a cutting file too.... so watch this space!!



  1. You are an amazing teacher!!! I just watched the video for the book binding and I was really impressed. I will keep watching you! Thanks for sharing your expertise!

  2. Thanks for your kind comment Trish. I should clarify that the video is not me, it's Kathy Orta describing how she made the hidden hinge. I wish I had her talent!!


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