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5 Jun 2013

Camera part 3

 I seemed to be crafting fore ages this evening but not achieving much. It's been a night of bloopers too. I did start cutting the paper the line the inside of the cover but again I made a blooper. I cut the first out fine. I then cut the next out but its back to front grrrrrrrr so I tried again and blow me down I made the same mistalke again GGGGRRRRRRR. I didn't have any more paper of that design so I gave up for now. I'll rummage through my stash and find some other paper to use but not this evening.

I made the sides for my camera as you can see. It's a simple fold over strip attached by glue and brads.
 I spent a lot of time rummaging through my boxes looking for the embellishments I wanted.Of course I ended up short of two matching brads. I've put temporary ones in at the back until I can get some more. It's a bit silly having to buy a whole packet of brads just to get two that match but it has to be done!!
 I also used a coat hanging chain as a closure for the little pockets in the front ogf the camera. I'm pleased with that.
I've struggled a bit deciding on how to fix a closure for the back part. I like the fold over part and intially I thought I would use magnets but guess what? I didn't have enough to do it!  I tried some Velcro. I thought black would be the best but Hey Ho I've lost the hook part of the black velcro so couldn't use that. I found some white. I've adhered that on but its not very secure, in fact as I type I can see the tape coming away from the camera!. I think I'll just order some  more strong magnets and do it properly.
Its time to stop before anything else goes wrong!!

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