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4 Jun 2013

Camera album part 2

 The camera album is coming along nicely. I covered the front of the album with some textured card stock I bought from Payperbox. I  cut out some shapes to create the eye piece and flash and the top buttons. I put a smal piece of glitter paper behind the camera flash.
Next I wanted to start on the front. I wanted the camera to have a vintage look so I wanted to create the concertina  front. The folded card concertina I've seen on the other tutorials just seemed too fiddly so I had to think of something else. I remembered a small mini album I'd made at a crop that used little dinner money envelopes that were stick together to form a sort of fan opening.
I found some squarish envelopes in my stash so I distressed the edges of a few of them with Frayed Burlap Distress inks.
I put double sided tape along the centre of the envelopes and adhered them on top of each other. The top envelop was covered in the same card stock as the rest of the camera an edged it with a brown Promarker.  I had to use permanent pens becase the paper is sort of plastic coated.
I then adhered that section to the main camera. I think I'll edge the rest of the camera as well just to define the shape more.
I adhered the "lens" to the centre of the camera using foam pads. The lens consists of a circle of mirri card on top of a black card circle.  I have a load of Chronology embellishments so I use one of their cogs to add detail to the front of the lens
I used another embellishment to stick tot he back of the camera to represent the film viewer.
There is still a lot more detail to add to the front and back  covers. I have to think of a way to close the camera so it doesn't keep opening up. I also have to design and make  the pages/ inserts to make but I'm not going to rush this because that's when I make all my bloopers!


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