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25 Jun 2013

Acrylics and alcohol

 I spotted a few Youtube videos on using acrylics and alcohol so I've been playing with my paints and alcohol and experimenting to see what effects I get.
This is what I used. 
A paper cup with acrylic paint watered down to a watery paste and a brush. You need to add the water so it repel reacts to the alcohol.
Next you need some Isopropanol alcohol. The higher the proof the better the reaction you get, a  92% proof is great if you can get it.
Remember to use this in a well ventilated room and be cautious because it is flammable.
   Finally you need some paper. I used water colour paper from a drawing pad and a page in my journal.
What I did.
I put a small amount of alcohol into a small bottle with  a small spout. I painted a base colour onto my paper using just plain acrylic paint. I let it dry thoroughly. Next I mixed blue paint with some water in my paper cup. I kept adding water until it was a single cream consistency. I painted a thinnish coat of this paint over the base coat.  I let some of the alcohol drop over the wet paint and watched what happened. As you can see not much happen, so I tried again with a slightly darker  blue and little bit more water. 
This ti =me the results were more dramatic. It created circles all over the page. Woooo I loved it!!! I tried will several different bits of paper that I'd had from the Gell paint experiments.

I was on a roll now, but all the drops seemed to be very big soooooo....I thought I'd try dripping with something else.

Again I coated the base coat with a watery blue paint and instead of using the bottle I dipped a brush into the alcohol and flicked it over the wet paint. It gave a lovely snowy effect with much smaller circles.

 Finally I let the paint dry and then added another coat of lighter blue paint in a circle in the centre and on each corner of my journal and again dripped some alcohol onto the wet light blue. It gave a very interesting design. To me it looked very moon like and made me think of space.  I'm going to finish that page off when it journaling time.

I found this playing with paints so much fun and can see a lot of potential using different bright colours.... very psychedelic!!!!!


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  1. This is a cool effect! Thank you for sharing.


Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you taking the time.