"Even without success, creative persons find joy in a job well done. Learning for its own sake is rewarding."

28 Jun 2013

Grandson Mini album part 2

Family staying for a few days meant I didn't get much done on my albums. All I've managed to do is use the page files to cut out paper to cover the pages. I remembered to reverse the paper or flip the file to cut the back shape.

I adhered the paper to both sides of each page. 
I used glue sticks to adhere the pages because it kept the paper dryish but allowed some maneuverability  to match up the shapes.

Next I  edged each page and letter with some Spectrum Noir markers to make them stand out.
Another visitor has arrived and will stay for a few days so I guess little crafting will be done for a few days.


26 Jun 2013

Grandsons Mini Albums

I've  started my next project at last. I'm making two albums at the same time. The albums are in the shape of my grandson's names.  Luckily they have the same number of letters in their names so they will be the same size.

To make the pages you use Studio software and a rectangle and the letter you want for each page. Choose a font that gives a nice thick shape. Replicate the rectangle  for the number of letters you want to weld for each page .It is better to make the last page letter first because that will be the longest page. Why will become clearer  later.

Overlap the two shapes, highlight both objects and click the weld button.
 This will create one shape.  Repeat this for each letter page
Once you have created all the letter pages  overlap them so that the pages create the name (still in studio or your software). You will note that the rectangle shapes don't line up on the left. That is fine. If you have the DE version of Studio simply cut the left side so the left side of the cards now line up. If you have the basic Studio simple group the letter pages then draw another rectangle ( red box in diagram) highlight both box and letters and subtract the rectangle.
Ungroup and separate the pages and you are ready to cut them out. Cut out each page. Once done they should fit together one page on top of the other to create the album. The First page in the picture below doesn't look as if it lines up but its just moved over a bit.
Use the same design to cut out the paper to cover the shaped pages.
Don't forget to cut the shape for the back of the page  as well as the front too....

I used thick card for the pages and will chose the paper later. I only used some scraps to show how you cut the paper to decorate the shaped pages. I want to use different paper to cover the pages properly.

25 Jun 2013

Acrylics and alcohol

 I spotted a few Youtube videos on using acrylics and alcohol so I've been playing with my paints and alcohol and experimenting to see what effects I get.
This is what I used. 
A paper cup with acrylic paint watered down to a watery paste and a brush. You need to add the water so it repel reacts to the alcohol.
Next you need some Isopropanol alcohol. The higher the proof the better the reaction you get, a  92% proof is great if you can get it.
Remember to use this in a well ventilated room and be cautious because it is flammable.
   Finally you need some paper. I used water colour paper from a drawing pad and a page in my journal.
What I did.
I put a small amount of alcohol into a small bottle with  a small spout. I painted a base colour onto my paper using just plain acrylic paint. I let it dry thoroughly. Next I mixed blue paint with some water in my paper cup. I kept adding water until it was a single cream consistency. I painted a thinnish coat of this paint over the base coat.  I let some of the alcohol drop over the wet paint and watched what happened. As you can see not much happen, so I tried again with a slightly darker  blue and little bit more water. 
This ti =me the results were more dramatic. It created circles all over the page. Woooo I loved it!!! I tried will several different bits of paper that I'd had from the Gell paint experiments.

I was on a roll now, but all the drops seemed to be very big soooooo....I thought I'd try dripping with something else.

Again I coated the base coat with a watery blue paint and instead of using the bottle I dipped a brush into the alcohol and flicked it over the wet paint. It gave a lovely snowy effect with much smaller circles.

 Finally I let the paint dry and then added another coat of lighter blue paint in a circle in the centre and on each corner of my journal and again dripped some alcohol onto the wet light blue. It gave a very interesting design. To me it looked very moon like and made me think of space.  I'm going to finish that page off when it journaling time.

I found this playing with paints so much fun and can see a lot of potential using different bright colours.... very psychedelic!!!!!


20 Jun 2013

A touch of She Art

 Another page for my journal. This is a mixture of Inktense water colour pencils which gave the pink, purple and teal background . Once I'd brushed oevr the colour with water I let it dry. Next I spread strips of Mod Podge onto the page and pressed strips of ripped pages from a book onto the adhesive. I burnished it for a minute then gently pulled the paper away. Some of the strips remained leaving pieces of text to the page. I then used sequin waste and a circular stencil and stippled acrylic paints all over the page. I had a bit of printed tissue lft from another project so I adhered them to the page too.I used various stamps and stamped patterns to the background using Stazon Ink.
I cut out the girl and her dress from scraps of paper in my stash. I coloured her hair using brown and black Faber-Castel Pitt pens.
I finished the page off with some rub-ons and a sentiment saying , "Be proud, you  have full control over whatever you do." I just used the print from the book pages.

I have an idea for the next mini albums I want to try. They are a lot more personal than previous ones if they work out. However I want to play a bit more with my journal first. There is a technique I want to try out so watch this space........

19 Jun 2013

Camera finished ( Cutting file)

Hello Friends!
I haven't blogged for a while, its a busy time of year in work with masses of reports to write and parents to meet so I haven't crafted as much as I'd like.  I find this time of year  busy but rewarding.  It's so nice to see the dyslexic children make progress, I see how  hard they work  and it so nice to see their faces light up when I tell them how well they've done.
I've virtually finished my camera album. I adhered the magnets to the sides and back and they work great.  I inserted the tags inside the small front pockets .
I dont want to add anymore embellishments to the pages because that is something I want to do on holiday.
I made some charms from shrink plastic and added them to the chain at the front. I just stamped a camera and people onto the plastic using Stazon and then heated the plastic to shrink it. I did remember( for a change)  to create a hole before I heated it!! I also added an old earringas an embellishment.
 I need to find some nice thin paper to line the inside of the side panels. I tried to adhere the same paper as the rest of the lining but  it was too thick and the magnets wouldn't work. That did surprise me because they are very strong magnets.  The side panels don't look very nice on the inside so I'll have to do that pretty soon.
I also adhered some Tim Holtz/Ranger film strip to the back. I think the back needs somethig else but I'm not sure what yet. It still looks a bit bare. I might just wait ad see what things I can pick up on holiday.
Oh yes, before I forget, if you would like to download the cutting file for the camera album you can do so HERE!!. The only piece thats not there is the side panels and as they are regular rectangle I'm sure you can easily cut that out to fit.......
If you like the album or download the file please leave a comment . Thanks.


10 Jun 2013

Camera Pages.

 I finaly got around to lining the inside covers of the album. I chose a black paper with white and red hearts. It doesn't quite go but I'm incorporating it  into the rest by adding hearts from the paper to other pages in the album. cut out the pages to respemble the shape of the camera so that when the album is closed the pages fill the top spaces to make the camera more 3D.I edged the pages with rust hinge, pumice and shabby shutters distress inks.
I used my trusty Cameo to create some film strips and cameras out of black card, I also created some Polaroid photo frames from white card and adhered them on both the pages and inserts.
I found some stickers in Hobycraft that was meant for those Smash books so I used some of them as well.
I stamped some shrink plastic with the man and woman stamp ( free from a Stamper magazine)  and a camera and heated them. I'll use them to add embellishments later.

Next I'll make some cards for the little front pockets. I'm still waiting for my magnes to arrive..........

6 Jun 2013

Inky fairy

 I thought I'd have a break from the camera album because I'm waiting for my order for magnets to arrive and I still haven't chosen the paper for the lining. Instead I went back to my journal. I'm still trying out different techniques and tonight I used some of my Dylusions spray inks. I bought them quite a while ago, before Dyan Reavley joined Ranger so I'm surprised they still worked so well.
I tried the ghosting  technique. I sprayed the pages with water first then with yellow, magenta and blue ink. I let them blend into each other. I dabbed the excess ink away with some kitchen paper.
I then chose a sun ray stencil I'd made previously and placed it on the page and sprayed with water again. I lifted the stencil and let the ink react to the water then again dabbed the water away. This lifted the ink that was exposed to the water. This left a ghost pater of the sun ray. I dried it all and then used my script stencil and sprayed with blue ink to leave some lettering in the odd spots around the pages. Once dried I sprayed  some cosmic shimmer mist through the sun ray stencil to give a bit of sparkle and add more dimension. I edged some of the rays with white gel pen to make them stand out a bit more. I cut out my fairy using my cameo and edged her with white gel pen. and adhered her to my page using matte gel medium. I stamped a few other fairies  and some textured background stamps. Some of the fairies were very very tiny so you might not see those............

5 Jun 2013

Camera part 3

 I seemed to be crafting fore ages this evening but not achieving much. It's been a night of bloopers too. I did start cutting the paper the line the inside of the cover but again I made a blooper. I cut the first out fine. I then cut the next out but its back to front grrrrrrrr so I tried again and blow me down I made the same mistalke again GGGGRRRRRRR. I didn't have any more paper of that design so I gave up for now. I'll rummage through my stash and find some other paper to use but not this evening.

I made the sides for my camera as you can see. It's a simple fold over strip attached by glue and brads.
 I spent a lot of time rummaging through my boxes looking for the embellishments I wanted.Of course I ended up short of two matching brads. I've put temporary ones in at the back until I can get some more. It's a bit silly having to buy a whole packet of brads just to get two that match but it has to be done!!
 I also used a coat hanging chain as a closure for the little pockets in the front ogf the camera. I'm pleased with that.
I've struggled a bit deciding on how to fix a closure for the back part. I like the fold over part and intially I thought I would use magnets but guess what? I didn't have enough to do it!  I tried some Velcro. I thought black would be the best but Hey Ho I've lost the hook part of the black velcro so couldn't use that. I found some white. I've adhered that on but its not very secure, in fact as I type I can see the tape coming away from the camera!. I think I'll just order some  more strong magnets and do it properly.
Its time to stop before anything else goes wrong!!

4 Jun 2013

Camera album part 2

 The camera album is coming along nicely. I covered the front of the album with some textured card stock I bought from Payperbox. I  cut out some shapes to create the eye piece and flash and the top buttons. I put a smal piece of glitter paper behind the camera flash.
Next I wanted to start on the front. I wanted the camera to have a vintage look so I wanted to create the concertina  front. The folded card concertina I've seen on the other tutorials just seemed too fiddly so I had to think of something else. I remembered a small mini album I'd made at a crop that used little dinner money envelopes that were stick together to form a sort of fan opening.
I found some squarish envelopes in my stash so I distressed the edges of a few of them with Frayed Burlap Distress inks.
I put double sided tape along the centre of the envelopes and adhered them on top of each other. The top envelop was covered in the same card stock as the rest of the camera an edged it with a brown Promarker.  I had to use permanent pens becase the paper is sort of plastic coated.
I then adhered that section to the main camera. I think I'll edge the rest of the camera as well just to define the shape more.
I adhered the "lens" to the centre of the camera using foam pads. The lens consists of a circle of mirri card on top of a black card circle.  I have a load of Chronology embellishments so I use one of their cogs to add detail to the front of the lens
I used another embellishment to stick tot he back of the camera to represent the film viewer.
There is still a lot more detail to add to the front and back  covers. I have to think of a way to close the camera so it doesn't keep opening up. I also have to design and make  the pages/ inserts to make but I'm not going to rush this because that's when I make all my bloopers!


3 Jun 2013

Camera Mini Album

I've been fancying doing a new album but its taken me a while to decide what kind I want to do. We're going to Cornwall for our summer holiday (vacation) so I thought it would be nice to do an album ready for our time there.  I've seen a few travel albums online but I didn't really want to do that kind of one.

 I then hit on the idea of making a Camera Album so I can add things like photo's tickets, ephemera, etc into it.  I've seen two vintage camera albums made by  Laura Dension and Kathy Orta  but they looked a bit too complicated for what I want... and is capable of!!

I just sat at my table and cutting machine and started a much simpler version. This is now work in progress!!

First I cut out a simple front, back, bottom and sides from cardboard (chipboard).  I just used some empty cereal packets for the card. The measure 7ins wide and 5ins high to the top of the square shape ( minus the view finder)

As you can see they are a very simple shape but I hope to add some more things to the front and back later. I fixed the  bottom strip measuring 7in x 2ins to the bottom of the front section. I did start to add the side bits to but decided against doing that because it would have made a box shape that would limit what I could put inside so I scratched that idea.

Instead I decided to make it into ore of a book so went ahead and used the hidden hinge binding designed by Kathy Orta. I have used this before on other albums.
I cut a a 7in x 61/4 in piece of card stock and scored in a pattern of 1 line at 1/4 then 2x 1/2 inch then 2 x 1/4in  again 2 x 1/2inch . This pattern was repeated to the end of the card. I folded the half inch sections and adhered each pair together  to form  flap with 1/4 spaces between each flap. This was the hinge.

Next I cut the pages. These measured 91/2 x 71/2 inches.I scored the 71/2 inch at 1/4 o each side. Next I folded the page in half to form a pocket, open again leaving the fold mark.. I cut away the 1/4 scored piece from one half of the page and adhered the added double sided tape to the section that was left and folded it inwards. I folded the card in half again adhering the sides together. This left me with a pocket closed at one end. I cut away a slither for the closed end to open it so had pocket that was open both ends. I made 6 pages. I added glue to both sides of each flap and slipped the open pocket over the flap to create the page connected to the album. You can see this from the top view of the album.
I used Papermania lined paper cardstock to make the pages. I haven't covered the covers yet. I didn't want to cover the cover until I'd sorted out the pages just in case it didn't work.
I'll post my cutting file for the camera later when I can make the pages into a cutting file too.... so watch this space!!


1 Jun 2013

Gelatine mess!

Hmm..... its been an interesting evening. I spent some time researching, via Youtube,  on how to make and use gelatine(gelatin) plates for printing. I didn't have any gelatine so I I go to the supermarket to ....get some and made up the recipe and put it in a baking tray to set. A couple of hours later the plate looked great so off I go to my craft room to try it out.... it started pretty well as you can see by my first two attempts. The first was a simple attempt at coating the plate with  cheap acrylic paint. I used  green and yellow  and added some string and cut ripped paper to form circles.  The brayer had nicked a bit of the gelatine as you can see on the top left of the photo. The second I added some mesh to the second pull. That one is my favourite.

After that things went downhill when the gelatine place started to disintegrate. It broke up in the middle so I ended up with a plate half the size of the original. Never mind I thought this is just experimental I did another couple of prints  using my paints and elastic bands but the plate continued to break up. I threw the bits away and had to wipe all the little blobs of gel off my tools and table!

I must have got the Gelatine - water ratio wrong because it wasn't really firm enough to stay in one piece. I'll experiment a bit more and will post the ratio if and when I ever get it right.
The pack of gelatine only cost 69pence so I didn't lose much by the experiment.  The commercial Gelli Art plates are expensive in the UK and I didn't want to spend a lot on something only to find it wasn't for me. 
I did find using the Gelatine plate  a lot of fun but I'm not sure I would use it often enough to warrant buying the commercial one.