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17 May 2013

vase of flowers ( script cutting file)

Helloooo fellow crafters and friends,

This evening I finished the Trifold shutter mini album. All I had to do was to at the mats to each section. I used paper from the K and C company paper collection. The photo shows half of the album. The other side is  very similar to this side so I didn't see the point in posting a photo of the other side.

Last night I bought a painting class from Dona Downey studios and thought I'd better try it out on my journal before committing myself to doing it on a large canvas. I'm glad I did because it was a good learning experience where I made a few errors I wouldn't want to make on a larger scale. I drew the basic picture using a Faber Castell pigment pen. I was suppose to do it with Indian ink but I wasn't confident enough at that stage. I didn't position the flowers very well but thats OK, this was only a try out. I'll know better next time.
I painted the background with blue paint, then the lower half with violet. I did a bit f drippage down the bottom half with some acyclic ink.
I next painted the flowers, they were a bit of a challenge because I couldn't get the  mix of colours right. Next it was the turn of the vase. I painted that white and green and tried a bit of shading.  I think it turned out OK, I like the wobbly look of it.
I didn't have a stencil with writing on it so I made one that had false script on it and used that. I sprayed the stencil with some Dylusions ink.
Finally , the lesson said I was suppose to go over the lines again so I tried with the Indian ink this time. That was a bit of a disaster because the lines came out too thick for my liking.  Never mind I think it will look better on a much bigger canvas........ I hope!
You can download  the false scriptstencil cutting file HERE. Its best cut out of acetate or something similar.


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