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16 May 2013

Trifold shutter mini album ( cuttng file)

Happy Thursday to you all!!  It's felt more like a Friday today...... shame I have to go to work tomorrow!! Its been a good day all around, I finished all my assessing and report writing for a while. Its so lovely to see  the children's hard word being rewarded by big improvements. I know how much effort they've put into their work.
This afternoon I went to the hairdressers and decided to have the fringe I grew out over the last six months cut back. The hairdresser cut the back shorter than the front and I think it looks much better. The acid test will come when I have to blow dry it into some style by myself. The hairdressers always make it look so easy!!
I won't mention how I accidentally went into and used the mens toilets instead of the ladies in Marks and Spencers store!!! ( Blushes with embarrassment!!)

I had two crafting tasks to do this evening.

1. My step grandson has got a tortoise and wanted me to make some stickers with the tortoise's name, so that's what I did. I made it out of vinyl.  If you would like the cutting file for the tortoise you can download it from HERE. It is set up for layering in vinyl with the registration squares that you need to line up the pieces, but  I guess you could do it as paper piecing.

2. Next I started making a Trifold shutter mini album. It consists of two single trifold shutter cards joined together. I'd made a single card  a few years ago as one of my first craft projects  when I  started crafting again. I spotted this tutorial on line and decided to give it a go.

It looks complicated but its very quick and easy to make. It simply involves cutting a 12 x 12 cards stock in half and  scoring  at 2,4,8,and 10 inches. Next I cut two linesacross the width at 1 3/4 inches from the top and bottom. next I fold along the score lines in a mixture of valley and mountain folds.  I cut three more pieces of card 2 pieces at 6 x 6ins and one at 4x6ins. The 6x6are scored at 2 inches and folded then adhered to the ends of each card. The 4 x6 is adhered to the ends to join the cards at the centre.
Next  I started matting some patterned paper to each section. I haven't finished doing that yet. I ran out of sticky tape!!
If you'd like to follow the original  tutorial on Youtube, the link is HERE.
I have created a Studio cutting file for the card. You can cut one to make a card or cut two to make the album. You can download the file HERE. You might have to adjust the size slightly to fit you paper.
Now I'm going off to order some more tape for my ATG!!

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