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20 May 2013

Napkin fold card

My daughter has caught the crafting bug too and she recently showed my how to make this lovely Napkin Fold card. It looks very effective especially when you use contrasting papers to decorate it.

The card is made from a single piece of 12 x 12 card stock that is  scored at 3inches along each side of the paper. This forms the inner square. Unfold the paper . Next find the centre of the inner square and fold each corner into the centre and score the folds. The diagram shows the blue score lines.

Now its time to fold the card into its final shape. Push the middle point of each side into the centre so that the sides fold inward and the corners fold out to form smaller squares at each corner.  The top flap of each small square is folded back to create the small triangles on each corner. The green lines show where the last fold back goes to form the triangles at the corners. Press each fold firmly.
A sentiment or a photo can be placed in
Cut 4 pieces of 51/2 x51/2 inch squares of patterned paper. two pieces of paper are cut in half and half again creating small triangles that fit the small ones in the card. The other two pieces of paper are cut in half and fit the 4 larger triangles on the inside.
Finally create a band and decorate to slide into the middle to keep the card closed.
There you have it!

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