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29 May 2013

Larger vase of flowers

Having practised the vase of flowers from the Donna Downey class in my journal I decided to have a go at transferring the design to a large 24 x20 inch canvas.

Like before, I cut out some letters using cardboard from a cereal packet and adhered them randomly to the canvas. I covered the canvas and letters with Gesso. The leters  do give the background some additional dimension. Once dry I drew the design, this time I used a Faber-Castell Pitt pen which gave me a lot more control than the Indian ink.
I painted the background using blue and purple paints. I painted the flowers with magenta, yellow, orange and gold paints. I used green for the vase.
I used some black acrylic ink to do the drippage. I used the "ART is" stencil and stippled the words using the acrylic ink inst. I should have sprayed them but I don;t have a black spray so I stippled the words with acrylic ink instead. I preferred doing that because it gave me a bit more control on where the words went on the canvas.

I'm pretty pleased with the vase and the background but I'm a bit stuck on how best to do the  shadowing for the flowers and giving the petals some dimension so they lok more as individual flowers... if that makes sense. I've just spotted some parts  under the vase I've missed painting. I'll correct that  shortly.
 I've been very good and have left it and will go back to it tomorrow once I've given it some thought.........

I'm also struggling to decide what to do as my next project. I want to make a layout for my scrapbook.... I think.


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